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Icejukebox December 14, 2011 User blog:Icejukebox

So I have decided to do this blog thing monthly because I usually slack off when I do anything weekly aka class...haha. The animals~ of League of Legends.

The Zoo

What you would find in a zoo/exhibition

Half animal half humanoid


Elemental Beings

Elemental beings that are in a shape of a human


The Construct

Made by Someone, or cyborg

The Humans

  • Udyr Udyr Tiger/Turtle/Bear/Phoenix all in one
  • Vladimir Vladimir = Hemomancer Vampire

Other 45, Another post maybe

The Yordles

The Void


So only 6 are legit/real zoo animals...kind of disappointing. Half animals are too much, we need more non-humanoids. Only 6 + 2 void are non-humanoids, actually 5 + 2, a monkey is a human-like animal. 7 non human looking out of 89 champions...orz.


And Riot shoves another Humanoid/Human Cyborg = Viktor Viktor, GJ Riot, your half [myth, animal or machine]/half humanoid champion approach...

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