I love mages, I have most of the mages except some 6300IP ones >.>. I love how each mage uses different sources (elemental) to conjure magic damage or heal, shield...whatever to their use. So I want to compile a list for fun :D. Mage tanks count as mages too in my book~

AP Champions Edit

The Obvious



  • Death: SionSquare Sion, counts?
  • Void: Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath, his abilities and particles don't look 'Void-ish' at all comparing to the other two.
  • Wine: GragasSquare Gragas, is wine even an element, or elemental at all?
  • Technology: BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank, HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger, OriannaSquare Orianna, RumbleSquare Rumble, and ViktorSquare Viktor^
  • Water: FizzSquare Fizz, uhhh, all his abilities are not water magic damage, shark and trident don't count. Water particles were nice but he does not pass as a true water mage.

Tricks and magic

No Idea

  • GalioSquare Galio, ???
  • KarmaSquare Karma, Fan energy? Enlightenment is definitely a No.
  • KarthusSquare Karthus, destruction magic? energy??
  • KayleSquare Kayle, someone help me with this one, light? holy energy? what.

The Animals Riot's animal champions~ This might be another blog post on animals...


Analysis Edit

Ok now this sounds like Pokemon now, especially under 'The Obvious'. Now, what are some other that Riot should have added? Thoughts.

Speaking of Pokemon:

  • Where is steel? OriannaSquare Ball Girl?
  • We have ShyvanaSquare Dragon, not a mage tho.
  • Ghost, Psychic, Dark -> Dark and Void.
  • Normal, Fighting, Flying, and ???.
  • How can I forget, SkarnerSquare SKAR-SKAR-SKARNER is what we have closest to Bug, but he is not a mage, so maybe this little TeemoSquare pest? JK.
  • Hmm, Grass? MaokaiSquare Mao = Wood, not Grass, we need a Grass Champion.
  • Ground? MalphiteSquare Malph = Rock Solid, not Ground, We need a Ground or Earth Champion.