• Idoberlin

    Hello guys,

    I really like to play supports and support-type junglers, and for both roles, I feel like the options to upgrade Spirit Stone (mainly Spirit of the Ancient Golem) and Sightstone (only Ruby Sightstone, which i find a pretty efficient on both roles, and even on some assassin-type or counter-jungle-type junglers) are too limited for some players or champions. Therefore, I want to suggest a new item (for season 4 maybe):

    • Recipe:
      • Sightstone (950g)
      • Spirit Stone (700g)
      • 350g (2000 gold total)
    • Stats:
      • +300 health
      • +14 health regen
      • +7 mana regen
    • Passive:
      • Unique Passive - Ward Refresh: Starts with 5 charges and refill each time you return to the shop.
      • Unique Aura - Butcher: Nearby enemy minions and neutral monsters take 10% increased damage from allies…

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