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stuck with the league stystem !

well where should I start?

when riot lunched the new league system I had like 0.9k elo... I have been aoutomaticly moved to the bronze 2 division. 

I am not like the kind of peaople who flame and blame the rest of the team for the lost of the game but i realy belived that i am better then bronze 2 and i can get to gold divison with no problem... 

well there is a problem. LOL is a team game, and if your team is not good you will probobaly lose the game.

i realy feel sorry for ppl at bronze division they try to get up but the teams that they matched up with keep pulling them down. i think riot didnt planned this system very good for low division players because all the noobs are at bronze and silver divison and if u keep being matched up with noobs you cant really advance and the game is not really fun.

i am currently at silver 4 division and for the reccord getting out of bronze was a nightmare!

also i keep noticing that when i have a stright win's record the teams that i get become noober and the teams that the enemy team get become better. when i play dou it is worst. i dont remmeber 1 time that i played dou and my team was good (exapt my dou friend)

ok so here is my question:

how can i more likly win games and advance?

i got tips like: master 3 champs and play only with them well i am not a robot and i always want to play somthing else. 

if u had my problem you are more then welcome to tell how your solved it and if  you think that you have the answer to my problem tell me i am willing to try everything.

sorry for my bad english.

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