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    Hello people and Happy New Year from me.

    Back in the day when Lucian was about to come out I was very hyped. He seemed very interesting and very new. I loved his gun templar theme and I also liked that he wielded dual pistols.

    When his kit finally came out it seemed and it still seems not on par with his theme and looks. I think there could be some tweaks here and there. To be completely honest, he is fine now, he is balanced but many people would expect a lot from the character like him.

    So this is my attempt at making Lucuian more interesting.

    Light And Shadow

    While using basic attacks, Lucian alternates between his pistols, Light and Shadow. When attacking with Light, it will double your flat armor penetration (only flat, percentage remains …

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    Hello guys

    First of all, I am having a blast with URF. You are also having a blast with it I don't doubt.

    Now thing is I am seeing one rather bad thing. It was there before URF but now it can be seen even clearer. It is a lack of creativity. Let me elaborate.

    In every URF game you can see one of the following: Hecarim, Sona or Ezreal. Why? Well because every single person on every server picks them. That wouldn't be such a bad thing but what happens is that you see those three in the next game, then in the next game and in another one, yet in another one... GOD DAMN IT PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW TO PICK SOMETHING ELSE?!?

    I understand that people want to win, that is ok, everyone loves winning, but for the love of god, have fun. URF is for fun, if you …

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    Bibbo The Laser Gunner

    October 31, 2014 by Ilicstefan

    I came up with this idea when I was playing Red Alert 2 and 3. I observed how prism towers function and I borrowed the idea of light refraction. This is the result champion.

    Bibbo is a ranged yordle champion. His main role is marksman (I hate the word but hell, go with the flow). He is designed to poke enemies using his Refraction turret and to zap them from a range. His ultimate can turn the tide of a battle. There is a lot of focus in his Refraction turret since it will change all of his abilities if then interact with it.

    |firstpic = Blast mastery 2012.png |secondname = Refraction Turret |secondinfo = (Passive): If Bibbo hits the refraction turret with his basic attack, turret will refract the attack at the nearest enemy champion w…

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    Hello people,

    Current situation is very bad as far as I could see. Problem is simple, lower ranks of ranked games is full of players from platinum and diamond who play on new accounts. Bronze, Silver and Gold are littered with these kind of players. Things wouldn't be that bad if not for several problems that occur with this infestation.

    Problem number 1: Ego

    Ego of players who play as smurfs is bigger than Eiffel's Tower. They think if they are from higher tier that means no one (noone is too much OP for me) is able to defeat them unless they are from Platinum or Diamond too. They treat other players as this http://www.fullstopindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Fresh-Cow-Dung-India.jpg and are mostly very rude to other players. Also they a…

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    Hello people

    Today I am in the good mood and I want to share those moments that you see while you queue up in our favorite game. These are the stupidest things I saw in this game since the beggining. Enjoy.

    - Season 1, normal game, spanish Galio with two thornmails claiming that passive stacks. He claimed that he needed just one more to be able to reflect 90% of auto attack damage.

    - Season 3, ranked game, polish Jax building Seeker's Armguard then turning it into Zhonya. Never used the active.

    - Season 2, various modes, various players building Berserker's Greaves on Riven, Leyran would be shocked XD

    - Season 2, normal game, czech Pantheon that went AP. Not only that we had trouble with that game, but we also had a very bad jungler. In the end…

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