Hello guys

I played a game today as support Janna. I wanted to play Evelynn as jungler but I was last pick so it was nearly imposible to rip the jungle from others.

Instead of throwing angry tantrums I asked if I could go anywhere except ad carry since I am just average ad carry.

I ended up with support Janna. As the game progressed I was very good at hitting enemy Vayne with Q and to provide my ad carry (Ashe) with protection. I bought only purple wards, not even a single green ward and I counterwarded their support Morgana fairly well.

Problem arose when my ad carry started to act reckless. He tried to towerdive Vayne with flash while I was in the river trying to ward. As I predicted Morgana threw Q and hit the spot which ended up in his death. Ok, we have a problem, so I called for a gank. My words fell on a deaf ear. Lee came eventually to gank but by that time Ashe had 0/5/1 while I was 0/3/0.

Things started to go a little bit better when our mid Diana tried to do Lee Sin's job with ganking. He was fairly good and with my help and solo top Shen's help we racked up around 6 kills and now I was 0/3/6.

Then things went wrong. Everytime Ashe would go first, not waiting for Shen and then dying like a minion. Diana tried several times to pull out situation from deep mud but ended up killed. By the 30th minute, Ashe had 86 cs while Vayne had 123 and a big chunk of kills. I then started to wonder, what if I was jungler or ADC, I am not that good adc but I know I am better than that Ashe.

Match ended up with me having 0/7/8 and Ashe 1/11/5.

I now started to wonder, how could somebody be that bad in Silver V. Yes it is Silver V but at least people don't play that bad. When I wandered to lolking and checked his profile I was shocked.

He is higher than me, that Ashe is currently in Silver IV and he has 27 wins and 28 defeats. To make things even worse he was once at 1350 lolking score which by my guess would be Silver I. So yeah, he was placed in Silver I or II after 10 ranked matches. I myself had 6 victories and 4 defeats and I was placed in Bronze I then I climbed to Silver IV. So he has to have more than 6 victories, right?

I on the other hand currently have 91 victories and 90 defeats, not that much impressive score, but on 27. April I was still in Bronze I fighting for my place in Silver and at that point I had about 15+ more victories than defeats. Also I never went negative, I never had more defeats than victories.

MAIN QUESTION. How can someone who is clearly worse than my entire team, worse than me, with negative winrate and with that gameplay, be placed in Silver I or II and then stay in Silver IV while I fought my way all the way from Bronze II ( I dropped once to Bronze II) to Silver IV and have better score, and I even have a badge for teamwork which I still maintain as a proof of my good attitude towards other players? I wont reveal Ashe's name because that would be rude, but do I deserve more or do I deserve what I currently have?

Also to make things worse, he is placed in Silver IV while other people from my team were all Silver V and they were all 10 times better than him.