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Custom item for hybrids "Stormbringer"

Ilicstefan September 23, 2013 User blog:Ilicstefan

Hello summoners

I was wondering why aren't we seeing many hybrid builds in league of legends. And by hybrid I mean a champion that can deal both physical and magic damage at once.

Hybrid Jax and Kayle used to be a big deal in Season 1 and now they are almost a rarity.

I thougth this should be intended as hybrid Rabadon's Deathcap that will help hybrids in increasing their damage.


- The Brutalizer 1337 gold

- Hauning Guise 1485 gold

Gold value 1337 + 1485 = 2822 gold

Completion gold = 878 gold

Total cost = 3700


15 armor penetration

20 magic penetration

50 attack damage

50 ability power

200 health

10% cooldown reduction

Unique passive: 40% of your attack damage is converted into ability power and 20% of your ability power is added to your attack damage. Can't stack with itself.

Item might be a little bit powerful with these stats but I think that giving it both penetrations, AP, AD and its passive is crucial in giving hybrids what they need.

What are your thoughts on this item?

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