Hello summoners

I apologize for the huge gap between 2 "how to" blogs. I was very busy this month and I finally caught some free time to update my blog.

This one will be focused on a very present "disease" in the league. Syndromes.

From LAAAAG syndromes, carry syndromes to smart cast syndrome, not a single one is good, some are annoying while others are... There is no word to describe it.

I hope that you will enjoy this.


This syndrome attacks every player that after a streak of very harsh defeats scores a good score in one game. Now because he has good score that gives him the power to punish less skilled players. Whatever argument you point at them will be invalid when they whip out their uber score.

- Come on man, we don't need baron, we just need to make a diversion while our ad carry slams the Nexus.

- STFU noob, look at your score 5/10/0. Now look at mine, you aint worth a s**t.

- You know, those kills are also our kills, we helped you, we are...

- /ignore

-*fight at baron, baron attacks our wannabe pro player, baron kills him* OMG NOOBS, protect me, I am your carry, look at Nidalee, no wards, you are support you noob. Noob jungler no ganks....

SOLUTION: Whatever you do, don't argue with them, just ignore them because they will flame endlesly at you. The right thing to do is let them go in first, they are mindless and they will charge in like Leroy Jenkins. After they pave the way you just follow him, enemy will certainly blow all their skills to kill him, leaving them without powers for you.


Not to be mistaken with Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven syndrome. In many situations, players will blame LAG or bad connection for their very bad decisions. When enemy kills them they will say its LAAAG. Intensity of their mistake is then followed by many "A" letters. Greater mistake, more "A" letters. Strangley enough when they are about to steal your buff or steal your kill after you were working hard to earn a kill they will not LAG and their connection will be better than those in RIOT office.

- *Facechecking bushes a wild Udyr appears along with Vayne and Garen, insta death* LAAAAAAAAAAG

- *gasp* You don't say, how about you put a ward next time.

- Come on, I had LAAAAAAG, stupid internet.

  • 10 minutes later*

- Hey guys, help me kill blue, I need mana regen.

- Sure.

- *Lagger waits and then last hits golem* COME ON MAN, I NEED THAT!

- I need it more.

- Now your LAAAAAAG somehow disapeared. Some kind of miracle.

- *Silence of shame*

SOLUTION: I've played this game for quite a long time and I assure you, there are players with LAG, however they stand in one place and can't play due to some bugs with firewall or internet problems. People with stable connection can't just get lag like that. I've even downloaded a movie once via utorrent and ping just raised from 37 to 80 and I had no lag at all. I was even playing this game with 1.5 mbit internet in the past and I assure you that I never had any lag issues, not even my friends or friends of my friends.

The best way is to expose them, most of fake laggers in my experience are prone to shame and will be silent till the end of match. Just flush them out and clear that problem or you will get "LAAAAG" in chat every 5 minutes.


This syndrome is a very known one. Instead of saying: I made a wrong move, sorry guys. People actually say: OMG NOOB JUNGLER 0 HELP, x9 report /All chat/

These are very common and are associated with insecure teenagers who try to be as cool as they can, so there is no room for mistake, when they make one, everyone else is fault. In worse case, those could be 20-something old people who are still insecure and will shift the blame just to clear their conscience.

- DAT WW. 0 ganks, no wards from support and retarded AD carry.

- Ward costs 75 gold. For 150 you can protect yourself for 4 minutes.

- I can't buy wards, I am mid, that is job for support.

- It doesn't matter anymore, we must now...


SOLUTION: These are very hard to inspire. Their confidence in your guilt will be solid throughout entire match. They will even ignore the chance for victory and keep bitching about your fault.

If you have one of these, just ignore them or even better, shout at them. I know that is very cruel and not allowed by Tribunal, but if you don't break their E-penis, it will grow and grow until they can't even play without a need to chat: WW NOOB, report.

The shouting should be something to show them their mistake, or at least to break their combo of crying. If that fails, ignore button is your friend. Its either shock or complete ignorement.


This one is not that common but it is very annoying. There are people in this game which bind everything on smart cast. Items, skills, everything. Instead of trying to aim every skill, they will just roll the fingers over keyboard and hope for the kill.

For some champions that works, for some, it is very...

- *A wild Lux appears, QWER combo with smart cast, misses the Q and entire combo goes to waste* OMG


- BUGS, this game is full of bugs.

- Sure, smart bugs...

- *tries to put a ward, smartcast outside bush*...

- *looks very disturbing at Lux*

SOLUTION: I've seen it, and I think that many people saw it. You know that moment when Lux player, and not just them, but many players just rapidly fire all of their skills at one place, miss all of them and blow cooldowns on empty space. That is the curse of playing with smartcast but failing to play properly.

Since they were smart enough to find that option, just tell them, in most cases they will listen to you. If they don't /ignore


This one is soooo comon that every player know about it. You play ranked and captain of every team will ban Amumu, Shen, Malphite, Blitzcrank, Kassadin and the 6th ban will be either Darius, Diana or Morgana. For them, Amumu is OP and needs to get nerfed, so as Malphite. Instead of trying to pick those for their team, they will rather ban then and avoid every chance of getting them.

Nobody bans a potential strong champions, baning just became so autonomous that I tricked enemy captain several times into giving me free Malphite since I ban Riven, Kha Zix and Garen which usually leaves me with Kassadin, Blitzcrank, Shen or Malphite.

In the match, they don't even try to fight back, they just say: gg noob bans, report our captain.

- *Amumu, Garen, Shen, Olaf, Blitzcrank, Akali, picks Malphite*


- Uhh, no they are not, look, he took Malphite.

- Oh, yeah...

SOLUTION: The best way to solve this is either to yell at your captain for some attention, or just spam what champion you wan't banned. If they don't listen to you, then its another match in which an enemy Riven might rise up just because you didn't ban Riven. When you are first pick, you are practically a god.


Those dreadfull pingers are driving everyone nuts. Imagine that you are playing and trying to concentrate on the last hitting. Then you see an enemy jungler and you try to escape. You escape and then an avalanche of retreat pings *PINGPINGPINGPINGPINGPING!!!!!!!*

Or even worse, there is a low health enemy that you are chasing to kill, and for some reason, some moron pings at him all the time like you are blind and he needs to guide you to your target.

- *Maokai chasing almost dead Urgot* PINGPINGPINGPINGPING!

- *Twisted advance, sappling, you've slain the enemy* Going back to base



SOLUTION: Confrontation, simple and elegant. Just yell at them for once and they will surely stop. In some cases they will then angrily ping at random places to show you their anger and then they will lose interest in you.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, feel free to add your syndromes and experiences.

See you next time.