Hello people,

As usual I will try to educate less skillfull and to entertain more skillfull players on this wiki.

Today I want to talk about META game sheep. They infest this game and whenever somebody tries something new he or she is branded as "troll". So yeah, if you take, I don't know, Malzahar jungle, you are autobranded as troll for "trollpicking". Not only is Malzahar very viable jungler but he is very good ganker who can prevent summoners from flashing (silence anyone). Anyway I was trying some unusual builds and champion picks to break the uber boring cycle of "solo top, mid, jungle, adc and support" meta and I was fairly successful. I played Urgot as solo top for 3 times and 2 times I won my team a game while third time I lost and I played some unusual Taric tank instead support which also worked great. My greatest eureka was the rebirth of jungle Twitch which became one of my super ganking junglers (Nunu and Shaco are members of that club).

So basically I did quite well despite my team claiming that I will fail.


To that Varus Polish player who just sat in spawning pool doing nothing, I hope that the same thing you did to us somebody do to you. You ignorant META sheep, if you are reading this, this text is inspired by you and your kind of dumb sheep who only know how to bleat and follow the bell.

- Oh, you are playing League of Legends. What are you playing currently.

- I want to go solo top Lee Sin.

- But you played that xy times. Aren't you a little bit bored of that?

- What are you implying to?

- Why not taking something unusual. I don't know, like solo top Gragas?

- WUT? You are joking right?

- Think about it, he has very good sustain and is very tanky, plus he deals magic damage, you will catch them by surprise since they mostly go cloth 5 pots.

- No, I can't do that, the gods of the Leag...

- Wait, what gods?

- Gods of the League. If we don't follow the META they will nerf our champions and make us suffer.

- Uhh, Morello does that and as I checked last time he is no deity...


- Ok, we shall see *super hacking tool iniated, control over team spot acquired*

- What are you doing?

- I am in your team now.

- WTF! I will...

- Yeah, yeah, you will report me and I will burn in hell and probably get cancer and what not. Just zip the yapper.


- Hey guys I am playing solo top Gragas, somebody pick something beefy for mid lane to compensate.

- Ok, I take Mao.

- (another rager) OMG, report Gragas for trollpick, we lost.

- *Prepare yourselves, the battle is about to begin... few minutes later... WELCOME TO SUMMONER'S RIFT*

- Oh no, the gods are going to strike us, he is doing a great heresy, he is breaking the META, oh I must sacrifice virgins to save my soul...

- Jesus, where do you find so many virgins?

- None of your business.

- * 10 minutes into game, Gragas is doing superbly well against Jax who can't even land a hit, has already 3/0/0 score*

- I am coming mid guys, I will help with push.

- (friendly Maokai) Roger.

- (another rager) You noob, we are losing *his score 0/5/0* because of that stupid Gragas and Mao * their scores 3/0/0, 2/1/2*

- Yeah whatever, just come to mid, we are going to push.

- *River unwarded, our "rager" and "another rager" (jungler and ADC) go there, whole enemy team doing dragon, instead of running away they iniate, double kill*

- OMG report that n00b support, no wards.

- Uhh, you have Wriggle, you could...

- FK you, you and your stupid troll picks.

- *Entire enemy team goes to mid, Sona, Gragas and Maokai defend the turret*

- Iniate Mao, I have a plan.

- *Maokai goes in, entire team goes onto him but his ultimate keeps him alive, activates ultimate and deals quite a bit of damage, Gragas throws his explosive barrel and 4 enemy players end up under turret, Sona does a Crescendo and everybody dances under turret, Gragas barrel roll and does a double kill, then dead ADC Ezreal and rager jungler Lee Sin come in to the fight. In hopes of killing Jax Lee tries to kick him and kill but fails and kicks him over jungle wall, Ezreal arcane shifts and kills now fleeing Soraka who was knocked asside by explosive barrel. Enemy Malzahar dies from several turret shots and only Jax remains, Maokai used shurelia, catches Jax for and ACE*

- GJ people.

- Well played Graggy, dat OP barrel.

- (another rager and our rager) We totally pwnt those biatches, they are sooo pwnt.

- You were bullying a support, and Lee kicked Jax away as usual.

- STFU, without us you would lose.

- *Enemy team agreed to surrender with 5 votes for yes*

- (Enemy team) That Gragas and Mao are too good and fed, we can't win.

- GG guys, that was a good game.

- (Maokai) That Lee was soo good, I am going to post that epic kick onto You Tube.

- I report you, you stupid trollpick.

- We won you a game, trollpick or not does it matter, we won.

This one was not that funny, it was more serious as I am myself revolted by those META sheep who can't think outside the box. If Doublelift would take a used condom and slap it onto monitor and say: This is viable rune page, I won a big tournament with it. Everybody would do the same. It doesn't matter if that is pure nonsense other players will follow that without any doubt. Same goes for META game, pro players created that and everbody follows. 70% of players don't know what a tanks is and mostly point to Mundo when you talk about tanks, but who cares about tanks if we follow the META, right?

I hope that you enjoyed this a little bit serious "how to", I will return in a day or two with new one, I hope, more funnier.