Hello fellow summoners,

Recently I played a fair ammount of ranked games, I like the new ranked system because you can't drop from 1200 to 500 ELO if you lose 5 consecutive games. It is way better and having tiers really makes you feel like you've acomplished something.

As usual I've noticed an increased number in "less skilled" players, they are not newbs or starters, they are simply put (I hate to use this word but there is no other that describes them better) noobs.

To difersify those two words, newb is a player that is not that skillfull because he just recently started to play the game, but given enough time he can become very skillfull and very good at this game.

TIP 1: Help newbs whenever you can, whenever you see a new player or player that plays in strange manner, teach him, tell him some tips, be positive. Who knows, maybe he will play with you after few months and carry you as a ADC or gank your enemies with Jungler.

TIP 2: NEVER EVER ARGUE WITH NOOBS!!!!!! Noobs are players that play this game for quite a long time and they have a similar skill level as newbs, but instead of accepting advice they think others are inferior and they are better. They are in delusion, delusion that tells them: "You are pro, you pwn, you pwn that noobco**s, they are c**ts...". Whenever you enter in argument with them you will lose, simply they are too stuborn to accept the guilt or to accept the fact that there is someone better than them. They will fin 100 other reasons to acuse you or someone else and put themselves in heaven. All in all just use mute button when you notice: "omg, noob, KS, wtf, stfu". That reduces raging for 90%.

TIP 3: Be positive. So yes your team is losing, enemies have 10 more kills and you are behind. Don't surrender because you might pull off a counter attack that will give you upper hand and eventually victory. For 2 and a half years I've seen many superior teams lose because they got cocky or enemy team rallied and blew them away. Heck I even lost some games because my team including me became cocky and acted like cowboys. So whatever happens be positive and don't throw a game at 20 minutes. Try to turn the tide.

TIP 4: Pick what team needs, not what you need. This is simple. I am not looking at metagame, no, I am looking at team composition. A good team has a mix of everything, crowd control, tankyness, damage output, disables, utility, map control, map awareness... So don't instalock Katarina on mid just because you can. See what your team lacks and try to pick a champion that can fill that missing part. For example if your team needs good crowd control you can pick Fiddlesticks who is a master of disabling enemies or Blitzcrank. You lack damage? Then pick someone like Olaf or Jax, need tanky champion? Pick Volibear or Mundo... Make a good mix of everything, don't just pick champions like Katarina and Mordekaiser and then QQ on forums how you can't stop Darius from ulting. I am not saying that Katarina is bad, but on a team that has 0 crowd control she is bad.

TIP 5: DON'T PICK FLASH IGNITE ALL THE TIME!!!! This one is even simpler, don't be greedy hog who will just chase kills, think of what you can bring to the team. Imagine if you can completely cripple and enemy carry in a very critical moment with exhaust, or think of sustaining entire team in teamfight with heal that might turn the tables in your favor. Flash is good but not the ultimate spell. There are others that can complement your skills better.

TIP 6: Jungler is not almighty god. Now I started with the gameplay with a very sensitive subject. Just because a champion is a jungler he is not an omnipotent being that can fly from bottom lane to top lane in less than 2 seconds. He can't kill Nexus in just one hit and especially he can't kill a very fed champion alone. Think of jungler's abilities before you call him for gank.

TIP 7: Jungler can't gank under enemy turret. This thing bugs me most of the time. If you want your jungler to gank, then bait enemies closer to your turret, he can't just like that dive and take a double kill without a scratch.

TIP 8: Ganks are luxury, not esential. First off if you rely on ganks to win your lane you can consider yourself a noob. That is just lazy. Consider ganks as a help to win your lanes easier. Put more effort into winning your lane alone, if you can overpower enemy in lane your jungler will be able to pull off ganks easier and help other lanes in trouble. Instead of crying because enemy just killed you, try to think what you did wrong and outsmart enemy, if jungler comes, even better.

TIP 9: Don't rage about KS.KS or kill steal is a stupid thing invented by noobs just so they can rage if you landed a single auto attack and get the kill. If that happens don't rage, he or she probably did it unintentionaly. Instead complement them on good job. I don't say that taking a kill from someone is good deed, but if it happens don't throw tantrums like a little baby, you will get an asist at least and money. Also don't try to KS by yourself, and I am talking about waiting for your teammate to do all the job, intentionally holding yourself back and then landing a last hit. Go and help him instead he will apreciate it.

TIP 10: SS or MIA is luxury. How many times have you heard: "OMG NO SS". I did, x times. I won't even try to explain this, if you are dumb enough not to look on minimap or stingy enough not to spend 150 on two wards then you deserve to die.

TIP 11: Turrets over champions. First off turrets are very important, turrets don't respawn and are critical in winning. If you see an oportunity to destroy a turret don't throw it away, it will net your entire team 150 gold and will put pressure on enemy team. If you neglect this and just chase kills you will end up having no turrets yourself and at greater risk at losing the game.

TIP 12: Don't fight with enemies at Baron. This is plain and simple, Nashor will debuff one champion with huge anti attack damage and ability power steroid. It is like someone put exhaust on you all the time. If you want or you are forced to fight, try to move away from Nashor. Or even better, bait Baron into debuffing one of enemy players.

TIP 13: WARDS, WARDS, WARDS. Help yourself and buy that green thing, don't rely only on support.

TIP 14: Think out of the box. For this I consider doing unexpected things in some situations. For example getting yourself killed by enemy turret alone will prevent enemy team from getting a kill, or if you use Q with Shaco in totally oposite direction when enemy comes to kill you will confuse them. Try to think of the most devious ways. You have Teemo in your team? Bait enemies into mushrooms. You have Karthus in your team? Stall enemies in lane so he can get kills. Posibilities are limitless. Think.

TIP 15: Splitpush whenever you can. This is simple, if your team pushes a lane, sneak out of the crowd and then attack another turret. Enemy team will be busy with your team so you can destroy the turret. If they try to catch you you can simply back off and while they chase you, your team will wreck havoc. So they will be forced to either lose a turret by you, rest of your team or to risk being split and then getting killed.

I will write more of these. This is primarily aimed at "less skilled" players and noobs. Try to abide these and you might become better player and shed the noobness.