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How to play this game properly (for dummies only, not for skillfull players)

Hello fellow wikiers


I hope you enjoyed the last „how to“ despite the fact that some „serious business“ players started to spill their wisdom and theory crafting.


Today’s „how to“ will be geared towards „runemasters“ as I like to call them. That is the best area for „how to“ since everybody theorycraft about runes and say that: „Doublelift has AD Quints that is so OP, we all need to get them“ or „Voyboy dominated with flat armor runes, he is right, flat armor runes by my calculations... yadda, yadda, yadda.


This will be my comedic view on their theorycrafting, enjoy.


- Hey there buddy, What'cha doin’?

- Who are you?!

- Let’s say I am a friend.

- Ok, what do you want?

- I asked first.

- Ok, I am making my runepage. I was about to make the same runepage as Voyboy, he uses very good...

- Now hold on, why would you do such a silly thing. You are not Voyboy.

- He owned with Lee Sin and I think I am way better than him, it is all about those OP runes he has.

- But runes don’t make that huge impact on game silly.

- NO, they do, now let me buy those runes.

- ...

- *Congratulations you’ve just wasted hard earned 20000 ip points on runes you don’t know how to use*

- Ok let’s see what you bought.

- Quints 6.75 AD, marks 8.55 AD, seals 12.69 armor and 1.35 per level MR.

- Well they are not bad, actually they are quite good for Lee Sin, I think that you should change marks into...

- STFU! Voyboy is GOD, almighty GOD of LOL, if you change his runes you are being a heretic, DO YOU WANT TO BURN IN HELL!!!!!

- But I just...

- *Raises pitchfork and starts a fire*

- Oh well, have it your way.

- *Lee Sin jungle, good start but pays little to no attention to passive*

- Hey, you can jungle better if you use your passive in its entirety.

- Don’t tell me how to play, I watched every Voyboy’s match and I know everything there is to know.


- *midlane gank, hits the Q, enemy flashes and our Lee ends up under enemy turret, it happens that enemy Malzahar silenced him so he couldn’t use W to jump back to minions, dies after 2 turret shots*


- Wait, don’t blame him, enemy used flash it happened, even Voyboy could make a similar mistake, he is human afterall, besides it is just a game, and it just started, there is no room for panic.


- I am sure that Voyboy does not do that.

- STFU and let me play.

- Relax, you are too much stressed out.

- I can’t relax, if I do I will lose, if I lose this game I will fail everything in my life, I will fail to finish my school, to marry, get children, everything depends on this game, I MUST WIN!

- Ok... Now I am a little bit scared.

- Ganking top, get ready.

- *goes top into bush and lands Q on enemy Renekton, enemy Renekton dashes away but our Lee uses Q and gets him really low, ally Garen flashes, and does his spin to win, R, an enemy has been slain*


- (Garen)... We got the kill, does it matter.


- Calm yourself down you will get a stroke.

- I can’t calm down, everything depends on me.

- *30 minutes of raging an flaming, Lee managed to gank here and there, build is fine but the problem with runes appeared*

- *A wild enemy Renekton appears, used his entire kit on Lee Sin, gets him killed*


- He killed you because you have low health and he has black cleaver so your armor won’t do much.

- You know nothing.

- Yes I do, as you could hear I tried to suggest you gettins some health runes because Voyboy’s build has a lack of health, since you are not Voyboy you would be an easy kill, so getting some health wouldn’t be so bad.

- I have enough health.

- Yeah 2500 health, yeah that helped a lot against that crocodile.

- Mid fed him, he is overfed.

- Why don’t you admit that you are using the build in wrong way, infact his runes and build do not match your playstyle at all. You are being too agressive.

- STFU noob, I am not responsible for this, my team is full of feeders...

- You forgot to add /All/ report my team. And infact, your score is the lowest, you are the only one having negative kill/death ratio.

- Oh yeah, /All/ report my team (does not listen the last part)

- *After strugling with enemy team, Lee’s team won the game*

- (allies) gg guys, well played, and I will honor Renekton, he was really a nice guy.

- (Renekton) awww, thanks.

- (enemy version of Lee Sin) He is noob report him, he fed your mid, he is a retarded kid yadda, yadda, yadda.

- (our Lee Sin) PWNT, you were sooooo PWNT, hahaha noobs, L2P kids, LOLOLOLOL

- (allied team) Ignore Lee, he has mental issues

- (enemy team) We all did in the first 5 minutes of /All/ spamming.

- (allied team) bye

- (enemy team) bye

- Hey Lee, don’t be that mean to them, you barely won and it is rude to gloat, besides you almost dragged your team to defeat, you were pretty bad. And you are not Voyboy.

- I am going to post this screen to ELO HELL, oh, they will adore me, I am better than Voyboy, people will see that and I will become famous...

- Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk... Oh you poor naive fool.


I know that parts of this text are a little bit over the top, but the point is clear. Moral of the story is that you need to chose your own path, not to copy a pro player and then hope to get victory. And thing more important, have fun, don't stress out, if you lose one game it won't inhibit you to win the next one.

Next "how to" will be in several days and I will try to be as creative as I could. Enjoy.

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