Hello again fellow summoners,


Today I want to adress a big problem in our community. Bitchiness towards supports. Supports are very important since they protect the team, provide vision for your team and the most important, disable enemy team.


The problem is that the support role is being predestinated by monkeys. You are supposed to buy aura items to help your team, buy a truck load of wards, counter ward and for that you are never allowed to have a singe minion kill. If you do they will flame you until the end of time. If you don’t buy items that don’t fit the predestination of supports you are branded as troll, despite the fact that you are doing far better.


When teamfight comes you will die first thanks to a crappy build that you are forced make, when you don’t have money for wards (that happens too) flame wars will ensue, when you take minion kills a forest fire will rage, but when you just accidentaly kill an enemy with a single auto attack that deals less than 100 physical damage, a wild firestorm will rage.


So let’s summarize that, you protect everyone, you provide them with vision, you heal them, you help them take kills but you are not allowed to farm (even if your AD carry is away) or even build what you want. If you disobey any of those rules you are in for pain train.


This is my view on how you should (NOT MUST) play a support character and even more important, how to behave towards support players. Enjoy.


-         Why hello there my good friend.

-         AAAAAAAAAHHHHH, who is that?

-         Don’t be afraid, I am the guardian angel of all League of Legends players.

-         Guardian angel eh, that chicken wings... I have salmonela probably.

-         Be quiet, listen to me, I’ve seen your recent behavior and I want to fix that.

-         How so?

-         You are playing ADC mainly, right?

-         Yes.

-         Now I will make you play a support.

-         No.

-         Yes.

-         NO.

-         Oh yes I am.

-         NO YOU DON’T.

-         Ohh yes I will.

-         NO YOU WON’T.

-         Yes I did.

-         NO YOU DI... Wait, „I did“. You used wrong... *looks at screen, Nunu exhaust flash* FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

-         Now feel the pain that you caused to other support players.

-         This is a nightmare, I am going to quit this.

-         Try, just try.

-         What!? THERE IS NO QUIT BUTTON. Im gonna pull the cable *yoink* WHAT IS THIS!!!!

-         Revenge biting your ass, that is what.

-         Oh, allright I will play that support. Let’s start, hmm, couple of wards, and a couple of these.

-         Wait, why don’t you buy cloth armor, potion and one purple.

-         Why would I do that.

-         Purple for enemy wards, cloth armor for that pulse“my ass“fire Ezreal, he looks pretty nasty and one potion so you can heal up until you get consume.

-         Screw you, I am doing this... *click, click, click cha ching* WHAT THE...

-         *Trollface*

-         AAAAAAAAAA

-         *our little Nunu does fine and succsessfull counterwarding enabled the jungler to gank and get first blood on Ezreal*

-         I am going to farm a bit while my carry is back at base *nomnomnom*

-         (allied carry) WTF, NUNU NO FARM OR I AFK!

-         I just took 1 cs, it does not...

-         Khm, you forgot something my dear. Check this out *rewinds time, Nunu now playing as Caitlyn 3 days ago*


-         But I need it for a ward, I really need it.

-         IMA AFK BIATCH! *a summoner has disconnected*

-         *swoooosh, time fast forward, present time* Aaaaaaaaand, do you see.

-         Ok, I might said a bad word or two...

-         WORD OR TWO!? *wooooooosh, time backwards*

-         NOOB, I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL *swoooosh, time forward*, I HOPE YOU DIE OF CANCER *swooooosh, time forward*, OMG LOW ELO SCRUB, I AM IN ELO HELLLLLL!!!!!, *swooooosh, time forward*, F**K YOU, YOU STUPID A**HOLE, I HOPE YOU BREAK YOUR LEG!!!!! *final swooooosh, present time.

-         Oh dear, was I that much bad.

-         Mhm.

-         Oh dear.

-         (allied AD carry) WILL YOU FU..ING PLACE THAT WARD.

-         Ok, ok, wait.

-         *ward placed, 5 minutes later enemy jungler came to gank, allied ad carry is oblivious to that, dies from gank*


-         But you stayed behind, I pinged you to...

-         No help, 0, nada, zilch, nicht...

-         OMG, was I like this, was I an ass of this magnitude.

-         Pretty much yes.

-         *game now goes on for 25th minute*

-         Ok, now, you have enough gold, buy frozen heart and buy null mantle cloak and several pink wards.

-         Why would I do that, I think I should buy other stuff like aegis or shurelia.

-         Just do it. Trust me.

-         Ok, if you say so.

-         *Passive boost now slows attack speed, Nunu super tanky*

-         (allied carry) OMG look at that stupid Nunu, look at items.

-         Just stay calm and wait.

-         *teamfight erupts, enemy team goes for the Nunu first since he was out of position, problem is, Nunu is tanky, tries to ult, enemies don’t have any crowd control available, NUNU BOMB!!!!!!!!*

-         *Double kill* OMG, I DID DOUBLE!!!

-         *Aced*

-         Wow, I just helped, support ain’t that bad. It is not that boring as I thought.

-         Ahem, amen to that my brother. Now go, help other people realize the pain of being a support and let them learn the truth.

-         *A match has been found, our Nunu comments first* MID OR FEED, MID OR FEED, MID OR FEED.

-         *Narrator Clint squint*

-         Imma AFK if I don’t get mid.

-         *squints more*

-         Im gonna play Kat, I own with her.

-         (someone in team) But you are first pick, pick a support then switch with someone.


-         *Squints with fiery eyes, spudown*

-         alskdfjhapdosihnnapsiewhjf

-         What the hell is he talking.

-         *Narrator* An enemy has been slain motherf..ker!!!!!


I hope you got the lesson. Don’t be too much passive with supports, buy enough purples and don’t just build whatever items others build. Try your own style, you might get better results.


Also I apologize for the lenght and the time between last and this one „how to“. This year, Easter came a little bit earlier and it merged with 1st May so I was very busy barbecuing, cleaning and painting eggs. I am and orthodox christian so Easter is celebrated a little bit different if you are curious.


I will put another „how to“ much quicker.