As we all know, Riot Points (will be refered to as RP from now on) are very valuable to any player, everyone wants them. Sometimes that causes bad things and in the most cases you are either without your account, or even worse a few hundred dollars. To prevent the loss of these you should follow these guidelines that I have pointed out here. These are tested 100% by me since I studied them and I have a lot of experience with exposing internet scams.

Ok, as we know RP can only be bought in RIOT store or in big shopping malls. They are 100% sure and you won't be a victim of a scam. All the other ways are in most cases either a scam, virus or some kind of phishing page intended to steal your account. These you need to remmember when dealing with them.

1) Youtube video about a hacking program - These are easy to spot, they claim you can have unlimited ammounts of RP just by downloading a program, then running it and hacking RIOT servers and adding yourself a hefty sum of 1000000000000... RP.

First off all, RIOT servers are very hard to hack, they are constructed to be durable and hundreds of technicians worked on protection and some idiot is giving you a program that can bypass all that. A little bit stupid if you ask me.

Second thing is if you download a program, it will be mostly a virus which could then put a keylogger onto your system and then steal your other valuable data.

Third, sometimes you can see a download link in description and click on it. It will lead you on sites like fileice or filecash. These sites are SCAM. They instruct you to do some surveys in order to download a file. Mostly those surverys are just offering to buy some program that will cost ridiculous amount of money and in other cases they require from you to register on some dating site. Even if you do what they ask, you will get neither download nor that program/service/favor.

Also one thing to mention, comments on youtube that calim: This works, this is legit, 100% clean... ARE ALL FAKE. Those are probably numerious accounts of scammer's friends or maybe even his accounts. Also people who claim they got RP with this software, they are also trying to steal your something or to scam you.

2) Sites that offer from you to get refferals - These are classical phishing pages. They ask you to bring several refferals to their site and then they will give you RP. When you do get those refferals, instead of giving you a code, they ask you for your username and password so they can give you RP. Rest of the story you can guess.

3) Sites with fileice and filecash model - These are the worst. They tease you with easy way of getting the reward just by registering to their site, then liking them on social networks, then you get a link for downloading codes. And then you are needed to download that code from fileice. As stated in point 1) sites like those are scam. So you did all those things (registering, liking and sharing) for nothing. Don't even try to do a survey, mostly it will ask several hundreds of dollars for some program that is 100% fake or a virus.

4) People that claim they can get you RP - Scammers that want your account info so they can hijack it and then resell it for small cash.

5) Sites like prizerebel - They instruct you do to some work for them and then you will get coins and with them you can buy RIOT code. Thing is if you startd doing that, it would take you ages to collect even 1$ of worth, not to tell you how much time and effort you will need to collect 10$ worth. You may get your prize in the end but the total worth of job done would be like 100$ to 400$ and you got just 10$.

Thing is that you usually get a task of promoting some sites, so you are doing a free advertizing of other sites. I calculated how much time you would need to invest to get 10$ code and it might take from 12 to 24 moths.

6) Cheat Engine - Simply doesn't work. Cheat engine is used to hack every video game and is used to make trainers and hack for games (unlimited health, unlimited money, unlimited weapons...). In singleplayer games it could be very usefull (for example in Mass Effect 3 you don't have to play multiplayer to get your galactic readiness to 100%, you can use cheat engine).

But for multiplayer games those programs are not allowed. And thing is they won't work most of the times since everything is server sided. You just get the picture from RIOT servers and your computer renders the environment and characters. Simply put, files needed to make a hack are not on your computer.

7) Any site that has in its name "free" "riot points" "100%" or "legit" together - Simply put those sites will have one of those above mentioned methods. So simply they are masks to cover up a model for scaming and possibly stealing your account.

8) - Not really a scam but here is what they do. They have a shop for RP and skins that you can buy with points. You can earn them by uploading content on their site.

For about 6 months (that is the time I am visiting this site) store was empty, they add some new content but it is empty whenever you go into shop. Even if you have points, you can't use them.

Site is great and you should visit it, not for points but for great content.

That's it, this should cover any known way of scamming your account or your wallet. Stay vigilant and don't get scammed.



No matter what your friends or other people said, people doing ELO BOOSTING are scammers. In most cases they will sell your account when you give it to them for boosing or they will blackmail you for your account.

They claim they can boost your ELO if you give them your account information. Even if they do that without any scams these things are illegal and in most cases the prices of these services are astronomical. Pulsefire Ezreal Theme is sometimes cheaper than this.