Hello people,

Current situation is very bad as far as I could see. Problem is simple, lower ranks of ranked games is full of players from platinum and diamond who play on new accounts. Bronze, Silver and Gold are littered with these kind of players. Things wouldn't be that bad if not for several problems that occur with this infestation.

Problem number 1: Ego

Ego of players who play as smurfs is bigger than Eiffel's Tower. They think if they are from higher tier that means no one (noone is too much OP for me) is able to defeat them unless they are from Platinum or Diamond too. They treat other players as this http://www.fullstopindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Fresh-Cow-Dung-India.jpg and are mostly very rude to other players. Also they are very prone to raging and will insult your skill and you just because you did something which they don't deem right.

Problem number 2: Unfair fight

Would you like to get smashed by someone and not be able to fight back in one game and then get insulted, mocked and ridiculed. This happens in most cases. Players who are pitted against these are getting through hell. Later on their own team blames them for defeat. It is unfair. Imagine if I would pit you to play Football one on one against Lionel Messi and then ridicule you because you lost. Does that sound fair? Would it be nice to level 5 players to play against me, level 30 player and get pub stomped into oblivion just because I can do it? It might even get them to dislike the game.

Problem number 3: Ban Immunity

These players are immune to anything. You will report them, their smurf account is getting banned and then what? They will powerlevel again and they will start doing it again. Every player said that once. It's not their original account so they don't care. I could suggest a rule of tying your original account to your smurf account so everyone can see that they are up against a smurf.

Problem 4: Boosting is illegal and bad

RIOT stated that, we all know that, period. However this exists. This results in bronze and silver players with platinum or diamond tier. This will mess up higher tiers, I doubt that someone in Platinum wants a bronze level player that will only rage and do nothing. I've seen a dozen of platinums that were playing with me in the team (Silver I at that time, now Silver IV) and they were very bad. Not to mention that players get all kinds of rewards which they don't deserve.

What is your opinion on this topic? I would be glad to hear it.

PS: I don't have nothing against smurfs that are polite, nice and that actually teach others how to be better. I just don't like elitist as*holes who treat us like dust.