Hello people

Today I am in the good mood and I want to share those moments that you see while you queue up in our favorite game. These are the stupidest things I saw in this game since the beggining. Enjoy.

- Season 1, normal game, spanish Galio with two thornmails claiming that passive stacks. He claimed that he needed just one more to be able to reflect 90% of auto attack damage.

- Season 3, ranked game, polish Jax building Seeker's Armguard then turning it into Zhonya. Never used the active.

- Season 2, various modes, various players building Berserker's Greaves on Riven, Leyran would be shocked XD

- Season 2, normal game, czech Pantheon that went AP. Not only that we had trouble with that game, but we also had a very bad jungler. In the end we actually won the game. Dude finally gave up and sold all AP items and switched to AD.

- Season 2, ranked game, polish player calling me a vagina for rushing Thornmail as Rumble while he was against me as Wukong. Wasn't very smart but effective, made him rage so hard over chat.

- Season 3, ranked game, polish player Wukong ragequitting after I killed him two times with Pantheon. He also called me a vagina for using pink wards to counter his stealth.

- Season 2, normal game, my team is only left with Nexus, I was feeding with Rammus and enemy team had very fed Katarina, Garen, Volibear and Vayne. Our Mordekaiser rallied us and we finally pushed them out of the base. Katarina got so bored of 60+ game that she sold all of her items and bought 4 BF swords and 2 phantom dancers and tried to rush nexus. Eventually they gave up and just surrendered. They only had to focus nexus and they could have the game.

- Season 3, ranked game, polish Elise claming that I am a noob Skarner because I never bought Iceborn Gauntlet. If only he could know that Q already slows...

- Season 3, ranked game, russian Vi playing in the jungle and having Ninja Tabi, Warmog's Armor, Frozen Mallet and Spirit Of The Ancient Golem. During the whole game he was the only one raging and "omging".

- Season 2, normal game, russian Mundo with 3 Warmog's, to make things even funnier, we won that game but I never want to see that abomination again.

- Season 3, various game modes, various players trying proxy Singed. In the end they all just fed top lane and jungle. Another proof that you can't act and be like pro without skill.

- Season 3, ranked game, greek Hecarim that was in Platinum while people from both teams were from silver, no golds, no bronzes, just nine silvers and one platinum. Turns out he is the worst jungler in history.

- Season 1, normal game, spanish Urgot with berserker's greaves and five Doran's Blades. I KID YOU NOT.

- Season 2, normal game, russian Jax having four Ninja Tabi boots in his inventory claiming that he can reach 80% dodge with his runes. I really wonder how the hell he got that number anyway.

- Season 1, normal game, czech Evelynn stacking five Sunfire Capes despite the fact that UNIQUE passive was introduced a long time ago.

- Various seasons, various game modes, various players using Alistar, Tristana or Lee Sin then trying to kill an enemy with knocking back skill and then failing to do so and thus saving him or her. The cherry on the cake comes when they type "omg team wtf".

- Season 3, ARAM, my teammate yelling at me to get magic resist while I was playing with Sivir with Mercury Threads, Wit's End, Mercurial Scimitar and Maw of Malmortius. Other teammates bursted into laughter.

- Season 2, normal game, unknown Soraka trying to go jungle. Season 2 was the season of "put smite and jungle with it". Practically anyone with smite, cloth armor and five pots could jungle, from Mundo to Sona. However some experiments ended quite bad.

- Season 3, ranked game, unknown Draven trying to stack two Runaan's Hurricanes. He was disapointed after learning that he only had two bolts and not four.

- Season 3, ranked game, czech Orianna stealing my wraith camp just because I took one minion while I tried to gank and enemy used flash. He said "steal one more and I will steal your entire jungle". I wasn't even sure what I did in the first place.

Well, these are all stupid cases that I could recall. I hope that you laughed a lot while reading. Share your own if you have some.