When it was first introduced, I was very surprised that such a simple spell can be very fun.

I mean, blocking the damage and very useful when you find yourself in the teamfight, you can use it to soak initial burst of damage dealt to you.

But then when I think of it it is not much different from heal. Only thing different between them is usage of ignite and the actual duration of barrier while heal is permanent.

So I was thinking how about making Barrier into first passive summoner spell? Here is what I thought. You pick let's say Ghost as your first spell and Barrier as your second. When you are in the game you can activate Ghost but you can't activate Barrier. It activates itself. I thought of conditions for activation.

If your champion gets below 15% of his maximum health Barrier activates shielding you for 4 seconds. Additionally if your champion takes damage that exceeds 30% of his maximum health in less than 1 second, Barrier will kick in shielding you for 4 seconds.

This way it would be more desirable than heal since it activates automatically and it still has that iniating ability.

Tell me your opinion.