Hello guys

First of all, I am having a blast with URF. You are also having a blast with it I don't doubt.

Now thing is I am seeing one rather bad thing. It was there before URF but now it can be seen even clearer. It is a lack of creativity. Let me elaborate.

In every URF game you can see one of the following: Hecarim, Sona or Ezreal. Why? Well because every single person on every server picks them. That wouldn't be such a bad thing but what happens is that you see those three in the next game, then in the next game and in another one, yet in another one... GOD DAMN IT PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW TO PICK SOMETHING ELSE?!?

I understand that people want to win, that is ok, everyone loves winning, but for the love of god, have fun. URF is for fun, if you siphon the fun out of it with you forcing the META on something that mustn't have one, then you are making a great sin towards this game.

There are so many posibilities on this mode as we all saw, see and seen. But no, everyone must abide the rules. Nobody is experimenting anymore, well, to be honest there is a small percentage of people experimenting, but these are less common than a flying pig on a rainy day. Why don't you try something people? Try something new, try heal tank Swain, it might not work for you but who knows, maybe you discover something fun. I tried AD Malzahar and I must say, he is a blast, also I tried Viktor, I lost the game but who cares I had a blast with him too.

It is not scary to lose the game, we lose the games all day, relax, give it a shot. Do something that no one tried before.Don't be just mindless sheep who want to brag on youtube with ther uber mega Ezreal kill score.

I had about 9 games so far and I lost 6 of them. Do I feel bad? Not at all. Did I have fun? Yes I did except in two games where we almost had the same team, guess which champions they had. (hint: Ezreal, Sona and Hecarim).

Fire away, do whatever you want, nobody will judge you, do it before URF goes away again because you will be sorry for not trying something because you were just way too busy "owning" people with some popular pick.