I am really puzzled.

Whenever there is a DOTA fan out there he will throw stones and tree trunks on League of Legends just because the game is different.

Here is what my fellow student on university said about game when we stranded into discussion about MOBA games.

Him: Problem is that the game is really some heavy s**t. Sorry about trolling but that is the fact.

Me: Ok, you've played the game with me, the problem was that you had that bad attitude of yours: I play DOTA for 6 years, I deserve to win each and every round and be placed in Platinum ELO". I stayed in LOL and progressed much from that time and I can say that the game is quite good, if not on par with DOTA. Just because you don't like the game it does not mean it is heavy s**t. To me, DOTA has really bad GUI, shopping is really complicated and creep deny is just a remnant from Warcraft 3 in which you could force attack while holding CTRL. Despite all those thing you don't hear me that DOTA is heavy s**t. DOTA is good, yes, I don't like it, end of story.

Him: That game might be good, but only for mega noobs, short and simple. MOBA without creep deny, MOBA in which you enter tall grass and disappear and MOBA where you have an option to autocast spells. Enough for me.

It is not just him, but everyone, even here, people from LOL will spit on DOTA and vice versa. Even if you put good reasons in front of them they would just stand behind the fact that DOTA came first and LOL is for noobs.

And yes, him and me played a little bit, we got stomped hard because he couldn't jungle even if his life was depending on it. To make things worse he saw Tryndamere in his full glory of Season 2 when he was terror of normal games. When he saw his ultimate he was bitching like that woman from Snickers comercial.

Conclusion: I really don't understand why people hate League of Legends, even though the game is good. And we have all those tournaments and events and in the end everyone will be like: That is noob game, try DOTA or DOTA 2, those games are for pros.


After another person said that my argument is valid and has a good point and that it is futile to argue with him, instead he shold go to google and see for himself the current situation.

He replied: Well, I can s**t around and you know why? Because that is the current state of situation like it or not. The fact that this game has so many players, streams, servers and tournaments tells the exact profile of MOBA players (again implying that LOL is for noobs).