I like this item very much.

In the beggining of my Leaging I thought of this item as trash. It was hard for me to reach a number key on keyboard in heat of battle.

But then Deathfire Grasp made me adapt and I eventually mapped "5" to be on "T" since I was not using it for anything. That allowed me to just roll the keys Q-W-E-R-T. I started using it and boy do I like it. That speed up really helped me in some situations.

Some say it is bad item, some say it is good, for me it is very good. I don't know why but I really like the combination of stats that it gives. It packs everything an assassin needs in one item.

But with season 3 item was changed a bit. Cooldown of active is now 45 seconds which is nice and active is now way better than earlier one.

What I don't like about this item is the fairly low stats for such expensive item. Yes this item is still good but too expensive if you ask me. So I gave it a little bit of my mind and came up with this:

Old stats

30 attack damage

15% critical strike chance

10% cooldown reduction

20 armor penetration

New stats that I would like to see

45 attack damage

20% critical strike chance

15% cooldown reduction

25 armor penetration

I would buff attack damage heavily to actually make this item more desirable for end game, larger critical strike chance simply helps some assassins like Shaco or Pantheon with their damage output. Especially Shaco. Cooldown reduction on offensive items is very rare. There are items but on Champions like Renekton or Garen buying only Black Cleaver won't solve your cooldown problems and buying some other items leads to stat waste (e. g. Nashor's Tooth ability power). And finally 25 armor penetration for plain old damage output increase.

I think this way it would be desirable as The Black Cleaver and not just shunned on side. Also I think it might be good choice for AD carries due to very good stats and good increase in critical strike.

What do you think? Please elaborate in comment secion and restrict yourself from insulting everyone, we are not savages but sane people. Thank you.