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    August 26, 2011 by Ilker Sisman

    Well i want to make it short and honest.

    Why i'm playing LoL?

    Even if it's frustraiting sometimes, it's still fun and perfect for instant action.

    I never got used of the punishment systems in DotA with loosing money at death, so i was happy to see that LoL is more fun with similar mechanics.

    A great plus for LoL is the hiding system in the bushes.

    Who is my favorite Champion?

    Well it was Kayle once, but since they patched her again (not the first time) it just doesn't feels the same anymore.

    But i somehow still love her, she still reminds me to better days and all the fun I had once ingame.

    With my build she was always powerful in early game.

    Easy to harash enemies and holding the lane perfectly.

    In late game my build depended on how much kills I ha…

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