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    Lily, the Stormbringer is a custom template champion in League of Legends.


    enemies for 3 seconds. A Shocked enemy takes bonus magic damage from Lily’s next ability or Aftershock bolt. Damaging a Shocked enemy champion with an ability or Aftershock bolt or killing a Shocked enemy minion with ability damage or an Aftershock bolt .

    |description2=Aftershock: After every 3rd ability cast, or if , she gains |20 + 2/level|mana}} and strikes an . Aftershock bolts strike at the target’s location in a 100 unit radius, and have a 0.5 second delay before dealing damage. If the target leaves the Aftershock damage area, it hits all enemy units in the area of effect. If the target is struck by the Aftershock bolt, only they tak…

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  • IllYaoiSpeculation

    Tehetza of Huatl

    January 13, 2017 by IllYaoiSpeculation

    Tehetza of Huatl is a custom template champion in League of Legends. 

    E and R have 4 ranks each.

    1 rank in R can be taken like any other ability, but you cannot put 2 ranks into it until all other abilities have at least 1,  and you cannot put 3 ranks into it until at least one another ability has 3 ranks.

    deals 30% increased damage. This attack counts as a critical strike and does apply to basic attack modifiers.

    |description2 = Eldritch Greed: Bonus health from items does not increase Tehetza’s maximum health, but up to 10% of maximum health +40% of bonus health from items can be overhealed and gained as a shield through Unnatural Fury's healing from magic damage dealt that lasts for 15 seconds out of combat before decaying. 10% bonus health …

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