• Illsigvo

    Zilean rework

    July 20, 2013 by Illsigvo

    The general orientation is to make Zilean feel better as an ability power focused mage that has interesting gameplay instead of spamming bombs with q+w+q and strolling away in trolling happiness. I also tried to preserve the supportive side of Zilean by giving 3 of his abilities ally and enemy cast effects providing for tons of decision points throughout the game. The passive is not the best it can be but i ran out of ideas so read and comment please. (The formating also isnt the best it could be but i tried).

    Throws a bomb in a line that latches to first enemy hit and detonates after 2 seconds dealing magic damage in a small area.
    * Explosion Radius: 250
    }} Places a rune on target enemy champiā€¦

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