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    GG and demeanor

    November 10, 2011 by Inpursuit

    Methinks good demeanor is what keeps your gaming experience enjoyable even if you're gonna lose the match. As a multi-player arena game with such gigantic player base, it's unavoidably you'll constantly come across with someone with bad mouth, and these include some very skillful players. What I want to express in this post is that, you may want to act like a nice guy, but sometimes your tongue just slipped that might cause misunderstanding.

    GG (good game) may seem to be an appropriate curtain call, but it's only appropriate when both sides have fought an uphill battle against each other. When my opposing team has got an incredible noob/feeder/troll/DC who leads to their demise, I prefer not to /all GG or just leave GG to my team's channel …

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    My Dominion Zilean build

    October 2, 2011 by Inpursuit
    is a good champion in Dominion. Since Dominion isn't only about scoring champion kill, balancing a champion's build is crucial to victory. Something kinda surprises me that even though it is Zilean's free2play period, no other players choose him in Dominion except myself.

    Offense 0
    • The first 4 masteries are just joke to Zilean.
    Defense 6
    • Some straightforward extra defense because few points remain from utility.
      • 3: For 6 extra magic resistance
      • 3: For 6 extra armor
    Utility 24
    • A good Zilean in PvP usually requires a good distribution of utility masteries.
      •  : For . I'm afraid the 30-second CDR would be nerfed, quite plentiful.
      • 3: If the original spawn time is 20 seconds, it can be reduced to about 18 seconds. Sometime few seconds would allow you to sa…

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    Monobook skin

    September 22, 2011 by Inpursuit

    I finally switched back to the Monobook skin (my preferences-user profile-site layouts), despite the fact that it is no longer officially supported. This is entirely my personal issue, I just don't like deep dark background accompanied with white font, it makes the text so glowing and hurt my eye. Previously there was a discussion about changing the theme but now it is dead without consensus. And I have to say, such style may cause some embarrassment when I check/edit this Wiki in my office and my boss might catch me lol. Still the Monobook skin really gives a clean and encyclopedic feel of a serious Wiki. And you have a narrower side bar than the current one, gives much more room for the article text which got sandwiched severely.

    The draw…

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    Rationale of icon templates

    September 22, 2011 by Inpursuit

    At one point I agree that the icon templates such as template:ai and template:ci are quite useful to help the reader to understand and recognize the subject easier. But on the other hand, these icon templates are overused to the point that distract the reader badly.

    According to , icon images should be used only in infobox, list or table because the format will look more unifying. But when applying the icon templates in the prose, they actually reduces the readability. Another problem raised by icon templates is the issue. Since the icon templates are designed to link to the article of the subject, the linking that changes the text color is another culprit of distraction.

    While I'm fully aware that LoL Wiki =/= Wikipedia, but to me, while w…

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    Physical Zilean

    June 10, 2011 by Inpursuit

    Actually a physical-attack-oriented hybrid which allows 's autoattack to play a greater role. Currently I only do this in Coop vs (intermediate) AI matches because to be honest I don't wanna be blamed for such stupidity if my team loses the game. I want fun by torturing the AI, kinda good way to alleviate pressures from work.

    Going defensive (support) is so boring. Having said that I do support my allies with and if they can help them survive the situation. So far this build allows my Zilean to score higher champion kill than pure mage/support build.

    1. Zilean only got 1 single offensive ability, , and its effectiveness against champion fades quickly even you boost Zilean's AP and MP possible. He's not nuker like or , far from it.
    2. Although y…

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