I finally switched back to the Monobook skin (my preferences-user profile-site layouts), despite the fact that it is no longer officially supported. This is entirely my personal issue, I just don't like deep dark background accompanied with white font, it makes the text so glowing and hurt my eye. Previously there was a discussion about changing the theme but now it is dead without consensus. And I have to say, such style may cause some embarrassment when I check/edit this Wiki in my office and my boss might catch me lol. Still the Monobook skin really gives a clean and encyclopedic feel of a serious Wiki. And you have a narrower side bar than the current one, gives much more room for the article text which got sandwiched severely.

The drawbacks of using Monobook skin are, you can't toggle it for a single Wiki, but EVERY Wiki in Wikia. And it doesn't support blog index page, but you still can start your personal blog, just a little bit tricky. The bottom customizable floating bar is also unavailable, but that means fewer JS that eat my memory which is consumed by tons of scripts insatiably these days.

-- Inpursuit (talk) 23:57, September 22, 2011 (UTC)