ZileanSquare Zilean is a good champion in Dominion. Since Dominion isn't only about scoring champion kill, balancing a champion's build is crucial to victory. Something kinda surprises me that even though it is Zilean's free2play period, no other players choose him in Dominion except myself.


Offense 0
  • The first 4 masteries are just joke to Zilean.
Defense 6
Utility 24
  • A good Zilean in PvP usually requires a good distribution of utility masteries.


Summoner SpellsEdit

As hinted above, I set both Dominion-exclusive spells Promote and Garrison. I've given up Ghost Ghost because reaching the top first, i.e. Windmill, doesn't necessarily grant you that capture point instantly. Also Zilean is more suitable to take mid alone then head upwards for assistance.

Garrison is especially good when 1 or 2 enemy champions are coming to neutralize your capture point, and you hide yourself and show up to cast it (the range is surprisingly large) when the capture point is just halfway neutralized. Never ever use Garrison on the enemy capture point, it's meaningless.

Even though there're lots of tricky ways to use Promote to surprise your opponents. The best way I have tried for several times is when 1 to 2 enemy champions are chasing you in a lane that your minions have the upper hand, you cast it at your super minion. If they're wise enough they will be struggling between continuing the chase or dealing with the Blue Siege Minion profileicon Anti-turret cannon first. If they chase me anyway then I would do a jungle trip towards my allies.

Item BuildEdit

  1. Mana Potion item Mana Potion
  2. Prospector's Ring item Prospector's Ring
  3. Boots of Speed item Boots of Speed
  4. Null-Magic Mantle item Null-Magic Mantle
  5. Mercury's Treads item Mercury's Treads
  6. Catalyst the Protector item Catalyst the Protector
  7. Odyn's Veil item Odyn's Veil
  8. Fiendish Codex item Fiendish Codex
  9. Morello's Evil Tome item Morello's Evil Tome
  10. Glacial Shroud item Glacial Shroud
  11. Frozen Heart item Frozen Heart
  12. Rabadon's Deathcap item Rabadon's Deathcap

Only the Fiendish Codex to Morello's Evil Tome aren't in the official recommended list because I want maximum CDR to spam Zilean's ult. With Frozen Heart they will hit the 40% CDR cap just right.

Ability OrderEdit

  1. Time Bomb Time Bomb
  2. Rewind Rewind
  3. Time Warp Time Warp
  4. Time Bomb Time Bomb
  5. Time Bomb Time Bomb
  6. Chronoshift Chronoshift
  7. Time Bomb Time Bomb
  8. Time Warp Time Warp
  9. Time Bomb Time Bomb
  10. Rewind Rewind
  11. Chronoshift Chronoshift
  12. Time Warp Time Warp
  13. Rewind Rewind
  14. Time Warp Time Warp
  15. Rewind Rewind
  16. Chronoshift Chronoshift
  17. Time Warp Time Warp
  18. Rewind Rewind


In the current popular style, I will ask for mid anyway. When the battle begins I boost the top champion with highest move speed. Once I've finished capturing mid point, cast Promote instantly and travel through the speed shrine to top and assist the 3 tops. But losing the Windmill initially is not death sentence. Just don't rage at the teammates, should that happen.

Although it's true to any champion, it is especially important to Zilean that if he's facing more than 2 enemy champions alone coming to capture his defending point: run and give up defending, not even wasting a Garrison on it, Garrison in such situation can barely prolong their channeling. Depending on which champion coming to offense, you may or may not throw in some bomb for harassment, just don't die in vain.