At one point I agree that the icon templates such as template:ai and template:ci are quite useful to help the reader to understand and recognize the subject easier. But on the other hand, these icon templates are overused to the point that distract the reader badly.

According to Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Icons, icon images should be used only in infobox, list or table because the format will look more unifying. But when applying the icon templates in the prose, they actually reduces the readability. Another problem raised by icon templates is the overlinking issue. Since the icon templates are designed to link to the article of the subject, the linking that changes the text color is another culprit of distraction.

While I'm fully aware that LoL Wiki =/= Wikipedia, but to me, while we need not to eliminate all icon templates from the prose, they should be used sparingly except in list/table/infobox. When the same subject is repeated within the same section, only the first one needs to be linked or "templated". We may link/template it again when it reappear in the next section (be it a separate section or subsection of the previous one.)