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    Lore: Buster the Dark Bunny

    Buster was once simple bunny. Born from a forest in the boundary of Noxus and Demacia, Buster's family and forest friends was greatly affected by the rune wars. During the war, they tend to evacuate from their paradise but when a single light of peace is sensed, they return and try to live normally again. One day, while looking for food, Buster was struck by a twisting magic. Corrupted, Buster morphed into a monster, a werebunny! He caused havoc in the forest, killed some of his friends and even his dad. When he was about to attack his mother, he gained conciousness but it's too late. The council of animals deciced to banish him away from the forest in fear of him running amok again. Buster have no choice but to …

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