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    Scorch, the Death Keeper is a champion in League of Legends.

    Scorch is a melee assassin that specializes in heavy harass and late game burst damage. Scorch is also great at pulling in the adc for that unsuspecting gank.


    Scorch is a black and yellow ninja with two short swords and a kunai attached to rope


    A long time ago, Scorch's family and Clan were murdered by a rival clan. Scorch vowed vengeance on who ever had done this to him. He search until his dieing day, murdering anyone who even resembled those who had slain his family. He never found the men who did it but after making a deal with the devil to bring any soul he may take back to hell, deserving or not, with him. After centuries of searching, Scorch still searchs for t…

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  • Ironjoebob7

    Scott - The Equalizer

    October 7, 2013 by Ironjoebob7

    Scott, the Equalizer is a champion in League of Legends.

    Scott is a champion that uses a new type of "mana" He has ammo. the amount of ammo left in his current clip is represented by the number below health (where mana normally is) every basic attack uses 1 ammo. When Scott runs out of ammo he has to reload. The base reload time can be decreased with cooldown reduction, or cut in half by his E Active reload which ends it sooner and gives him extra damage for a short time. His other spells will cost him ammo. (Ie. burst fire shoots three bullets so it uses three ammo.) Scott automaticly reloads after running out of ammo, even without his E. His E only allows for the active reload feature

    Attacking from a bush gives Scott a stack towards ambush…
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