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A couple weeks ago I put up the League of Legends Community Choice Awards 2013. After thousands and thousands of votes, the results are in! Check out the winners below. And of course congratulations to the winning Pro-Teams and Riot itself for another great year of gaming. Feel free to keep voting if you like, and here's to another great year of LoL in 2014! Happy New Year!

Best Champion of 2013Edit

With 3,393 votes, the winner is ThreshSquare Thresh

Runners Up

Best Champion Skin of 2013Edit

With 1,041 votes, the winner is Udyr SpiritGuardCircle Spirit Guard Udyr [S|L]

Runners Up

Best Visual Upgrade of 2013Edit

With 1,910 votes, the winner is NasusSquare Nasus

Runners Up

Favorite 2013 LCS Team, North AmericaEdit

With 1,939 votes, the winner is TSM

Runners Up
  • Cloud9
  • Curse Gaming

Favorite 2013 LCS Team, EuropeEdit

With 1,994 votes, the winner is Fnatic

Runners Up
  • Gambit Gaming
  • Evil Geniuses

Favorite 2013 LCS Team, AsiaEdit

With 2,540 votes, the winner is SK Telecom T1

Runners Up
  • Royal Club
  • OMG