Riot announced some huge ward changes today:

Vision Changes

We’ve made a large number of changes to vision, including adding a new item slot for specialized vision items, per-player ward limits, and more ward options to make the vision war a more strategic part of the game and less of a raw gold race. Additionally, we saw that optimal play patterns emerged where one player was expected to shoulder the whole burden of vision in a game, and we want to re-emphasize the team nature of securing vision.

  • Each player may place only 3 stealth (formerly known as sight wards or green wards) wards on the map at a time, placing a fourth ward removes the earliest placed ward
    • This includes wards from Sightstone, Wriggle’s Lantern and Trinkets
  • Vision wards (also known as pink wards) are limited to 1 on the map at once per player
  • Vision wards now have 5 hit points and are no longer stealthed
  • Vision wards can still detect and destroy stealthed enemy wards, but must also be more actively defended because they’re always visible.

Trinkets There are currently three trinkets that are free to purchase, and each evolve when the equipped champion hits level nine. Once they’ve evolved, another upgrade can be purchased at the shop for gold.

UPDATE 11/18:

More support changes inbound!

(Note: Each trinket basically acts as a vision ward, ward-clearing device, or Clairvoyance.

As a frequent Support player, I'm still not sure how I feel about these changes. I think it makes things more exciting for support characters, and certainly encourages team mates to carry their weight in the vision game, but does this lower the value of support? Will teammates not used to paying attention to warding drag teams down?

Anyway, I'm interested to know your thoughts. Leave 'em in the comments!


  • Sidenote: "Assist Streaks"? Hell yea!