Hey folks! Since I need more excuses to play League of Legends, we have decided to do some regularly monthly streams of League of Legends! We'll also be doing occasional Riot Point Giveaways as well (not today though, sorry). If you feel like watching, hopping into chat, or critiquing my terrible flash-fails, follow us on uStream. Also, feel free to add me if you play on NA (Arkania) and you can even jump in during the stream. You can also watch below, for your convenience!

For now the stream will say Call of Duty, but come back at 3:00pm PST to watch live:

Ustream Follow Button

Update: The stream is over, but you can rewatch here if you want. I think I did pretty well for myself, and even Shaw showed up!

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File:Wikia LIVE League of Legends Part 1|Part 1
File:Wikia LIVE League of Legends Part 2|Part 2


PS: Don't forget to sign up for the NA Wikia Tournament!