It's no secret that Talon's passive is pretty damn bad. Not only is it bad, it's not even noticeable. I know people who are in Gold and don't know what Talon's passive does. I've even met someone who plays Talon and didn't know what his passive was. For those of you who don't know, Talon's passive is the following:


Talon's autoattacks deal 10% additional damage to any target that is slowed, stunned, immobilized or suppressed.

  • It's just not noticeable. Given that you'll autoattack 2-3 times in one combo, it's adding 20% - 30% AD to his full combo. That's a real, albeit small, amount of damage. But you just never notice it. Compared to passives like Katarina, Leblanc, Tristana, or even Rammus, you just never actually notice his passive doing anything. I've decided to throw together a few other ideas for passives that would be better for Talon, or fit his theme more, and all that.

What I mean when I say it's not noticeable: Try to name one other champion who has a passive that's harder to tell when it's actually doing anything than Talon's. I can't think of one, with the near exception of Vayne, who's passive is good but often goes unnoticed when her ult isn't active.

Possible ReplacementsEdit


Talon's autoattacks against movement impaired targets deal an additional 30% AD physical damage over 3 seconds. Additional attacks refresh this effect.

  • This one is immediately noticeable. Your target takes damage over time, it's hard not to notice. It also adds to Talon's ability to kill you before he kills you. We've all had those situations where we combo someone in lane, and they flash away while bleeding, and we laugh, knowing that their fate is sealed...

Talon's first autoattack against a movement impaired target reduces all of his cooldowns by two seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 8 seconds.

  • Talon has high cooldowns on his basic abilities, and it's hard for him to escape without his ult. This gives him a fighting chance of assassinating someone and making a clean getaway. It's immediately obvious that it's happened, and it gives him a sort of "reset like" effect.
Exploit Weakness

Talon's autoattack against crowd controlled targets increase the duration of the effect by one second. This cannot occur against the same target more than once every 7 seconds.

  • Improves his "anti-magey" aspect, and adds some interesting synergies with allied CC abilities. Wouldn't work for suppresses or knockups.

After casting an ability, Talon's next autoattack within 3 seconds against an enemy champion refunds 150% of the ability's mana cost. Stabbing has no internal cooldown, but does not stack.

  • Talon has stupid mana costs, especially when you compare him to other AD assassins (one or two of whom are manaless). This would probably have to be rolled out in conjunction with mana cost increases. Basically, it encourages Talon to play aggressive, while penalizing standing back and farming, and that certainly fits with Talon's theme.
Shadow Armor

Upon taking damage equal to more than 15% of Talon's maximum health, Talon enters stealth for one second.

  • Saw this on the talon page, it looked interesting. Gives him a way to assassinate someone and escape without having to ult.
Blade's Shadow

Champion kills and assists cause Talon to enter stealth for a brief duration.

  • Same kind of thing, but based on killing rather than taking damage. Better when ahead, worse when behind.
The Upper Hand

When Talon is not visible to the enemy team, he moves through units, gains 30% movement speed, and takes substantially reduced damage.

  • Based on the idea of preparing for and dodging enemy attacks. Would also apply to his ult. Probably overpowered.

Talon gains Critical Strike chance equal to his target's missing health percentage. This bonus is doubled against movement impaired units.

  • Probably needs some reworking to be not stupidly overpowered, but it's an interesting concept.

That's all I can think up. Other ideas/comments/criticism appreciated.