Edit: Please read the full post before commenting. I'm not asking how to do it, I'm asking about a specific champion niche that doesn't really exist at the moment.

We have champions with access to heavy Armor/MR shreds. We have champions with access to %hp damage. However, what does not exist is a champion who is entirely designed to duel tanks while not being a tank.

  1. Does the game have a place for a champion like that?
  2. Would they be incredibly overpowered due to their ability to destroy things that traditionally dive into the back line, or would they be underpowered due to their kit being primarilly focused on quickly taking down the one thing they shouldn't be focusing?
  3. How could an anti-tank champion be balanced? I'm assuming that they'd be very good against tanks, and that would be compensated by having them be less than average against squishies.
  4. Dealing heavy damage to tanks is one thing. Dueling them is another. What kinds of things would a champion need to mitigate the damage that a tank does deal while killing them? This might end up being a stupid question because tanks deal damage so many different ways. I'm thinking that the ability to mitigate a flat amount of damage would be good, as would something that makes %hp damage less effective, as two things you see tanks doing to have some damage while not building for it are:
    1. Damage over time in an area around them. Think Mundo, Sejuani, Amumu, Shyvana.
    2. %hp damage, which scales well anyway. Zac, Amumu, Warwick.

I'm interested to hear ideas, as this is something I've been thinking of for a while now. Especially about whether or not a tank killer is actually a good idea.