• JMan Z

    Hello Yami Tsuky, this blog post is directed at your recent creation. Hope you enjoy...or at least I hope you dont get mad after reading. I will try to balance the champion a bit... (That's my way of saying "I will poke it around").

    Let's start with overview. He is an APC right? So much damage... (If he's not APC by the end of my "balancing work" he will surely look like one: P)

    The first half of passive is creative, kind of like a kayle right? its good. But I think the second part doesn't fit it well. It's being a bit too identical to Janna. So instead I suggest change it to something like "Beacon of Knowledge" or whatever you want to name it. And instead make it boost allies’ stats by 1.5% of your AP. So when you hit the 500 AP mark that i…

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  • JMan Z

    bonus magic damage.


    Targets a unit, and depending on the unit type different effects are applied:
    • Ally Minion - Increases the target minion's attack speed.
    • Enemy Minion and Monsters - Deals true damage. If Spirited Away kills it, Yukari also converts and stores that minion into a Laplace Eye.
    • Champions - Gaps away that champion for a time period. Gapped are in stasis for the duration.
    • Consumption of Laplace Eye affects true damage but has no effect on other two.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown= |cost=65 |costtype=Mana |range=750 }}

    Fires a beam of energy in a straight line on target direction that deals magic damage and places a 5 second Laplace Magnetism debuff to the first enemy it hits. While the debuff is active all other spell from Yukari consumes a…

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