• Jadenvalor

    Alright, this is pretty much my first actual post on this wiki, even though I've been on other wikia sites and been visiting here for a few months, so sorry if I mess something up somehow. I even tried editing a minor grammatical error on Skarner's page xD

    Well, my question is about Zyra. Zyra is the first champion I've ever bought, and Wildfire Zyra is the first skin I've ever bought, and now I have every champion and probably at least one skin for every champion in the game. The point is that Zyra has always been one of my favorite champions and I definitely enjoy playing her a lot. However, I've been told many times that Zyra isn't very good anymore due to her lack of mobility. I play her mid, support, even top sometimes, and I do feel l…

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