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aka James

  • I live in Australia
  • My occupation is Ex-LoL Moderator
  • I am Male
  • Jamesrulez1

    I have palyed League of Legends for a few months now and joined when was just realeased. I played League of Legends from peer pressure and personal boredom due to the fact that i didn't have anything to play. I created an account and played the tutorial. IT WAS AWESOME. From the highly detailed artwork to and ingame models to the challenging gameplay I just could not stop playing. I must admit i was a total newb back then and didn't know much and thought was the best champion. In my first game i watched as a smurf player play and completely facewreck the other team. I decided to buy RP and bought . I wasn't all that good with him when i started so i moved onto . I heard about from my friends and then commenting on how his cleaver slowe…

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