• Janster08

    Winona – The Weeping Maiden.


    As a Daughter of a Noxian General she was also loved and adored by everyone. Her beauty, and skills is very different to those people living in noxus. That’s why it came to a point that one of the daughters of the General Du Couteau Envy her. They ordered an investigation to find out the truth about her. The Noxian Kingdom was Shocked and couldn’t believe that she was a daughter of one of Noxian General to a Warrior of Demacia, which is a Disgrace to the Noxian kingdom. The General du couteau ordered an execution for her and her father. Her father sacrificed himself in order for her to flee out of Noxus.

    Wounded and Dread looking, she runs into the wilderness without knowing where she will go. Out of exhaustio…

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