Winona – The Weeping Maiden.


As a Daughter of a Noxian General she was also loved and adored by everyone. Her beauty, and skills is very different to those people living in noxus. That’s why it came to a point that one of the daughters of the General Du Couteau Envy her. They ordered an investigation to find out the truth about her. The Noxian Kingdom was Shocked and couldn’t believe that she was a daughter of one of Noxian General to a Warrior of Demacia, which is a Disgrace to the Noxian kingdom. The General du couteau ordered an execution for her and her father. Her father sacrificed himself in order for her to flee out of Noxus.

Wounded and Dread looking, she runs into the wilderness without knowing where she will go. Out of exhaustion she stumble and fades in front of an old man. As She woke up she found herself in a bed and can’t feel both of her arms. The Old man told her that her both arms was severely damaged and it was torn off, he just put some remedies to stop the bleeding. The following day the Old man open up and told her his story; her daughter died, and out of depression she build a replacement for her daughter and named her Orianna but she left him to join the Leaugue. After telling his story he promised Winona that he can rebuild both of her arms. But it doesn’t end there Winona ask him to create arms that will punish every Noxian she will meet. She wants to revenge for the life of her father and she want to find her mother. As a promised Corin created her arms Equipped with whips and bombs. Winona found out that the Daughters of the Noxian Genera du couteau and most of their armies joined the League of Legends that’s why she left Corin to joined the League.

“ Weep On my Knees and The Whip will Judge your Fate” - Winona


Health 415 Attack damage 53 (+3.2)

Health regen. 6.95 Attack speed 0.690

Mana N/A (Manaless) Armor 13

Mana regen. N/A Magic res. 30 (+1.25)

Range 500 Mov. speed 300

Weep On Whip

Innate : Winona gains an additional 20 movement speed after hitting Champions, increasing each time she hits champion until reaching 80 bonus movement speed, She will slowdown every second she’s not attacking an Enemy Champion.



Leveling Up


(Active): Winona Releases her whips striking

all enemies in a line dealing physical

damage. Enemies in her path will take

physical damage reduced by 15% to each

subsequent target.

Range: 1000

Physical Damage: 80 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+0.75 per attack damage)

Maximum Physical Damage (Single target) : 108 / 189 / 270 / 351 / 432 (+0.8 per attack damage)

Minimum Physical Damage: 24 / 42 / 60 / 78 / 96 (+0.25 per attack damage)

Cooldown: 9 seconds

[W]Thickened Strikes

(Passive): Empowering Winona each level.

Level 1 : Additional 3 attack damage per level.

Level 2: Tentax – Additional Damage per level by 10

Level 3: Pheromone – Allowing Winona to move while sapping enemies lives movements speed is slowed by 25%

Level 4: Whip Crack – Turns the range from 600 – 700.

Level 5: Blasts – Additional damage per level by 20 (+0.60 per attack dmg)


(Active/Channeling): Winona will leashes a

Champion enemy and sapping their lives for

3 seconds. After the sapping process or if the

target leaves the range It will slow the

movement speed of the target.

Cast Range: 450

Leash Range: 700

Magic damage per second:

90/150/180 (+0.5 per ability


Slow: 20/22/25/27/30%

Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6

[R]Whip Crack / Blasts

(Active): Winona will Ensnare All Enemy Unit in the Area, preventing movement and will deal physical dmg. She is not allowed to move at the same time.

Blasts: Activating again while there is still time will release a bomb that will deal magical dmg to the champ and nearby enemies.

Physical Dmg: 80/135/180/220/270 (+0.75 per attack dmg)

Range : 600

Hold per Sec. 2/2/2.5/3/3

Magic Dmg: 50/75/90/120/150 (+1 per ability power)

Cooldown: 150/130/110