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    Evelynn VU

    November 20, 2015 by Jao and jom

    Too much free time on my hands, so I did this to my little blue baby. Although I guess if I colored her, she'd be more a pale lavender now.

    So Riot said something about taking away her arm tassels, I think, but I though it looked nice when she'd do some acrobatic whatevers (even though she doesn't do any in-game), cause it accentuated her movements, so instead I turned her arm tassels to some sleeves that splits and dangles at the elbows. Also, they turn to the shadows that hide when she uses her passive, and the shield that surround during her ult. Didn't draw that yet, but I'll add it later (or whenever I'm bored again)

    Changed her hair in-case you didn't notice

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  • Jao and jom

    What if...?

    November 8, 2014 by Jao and jom

    What if you lived in Valoran, which race would you be, which faction would you fight for/against, and which champions would you like to ally/fight with. What would your weapon be?

    Here are the races you could be:

    • Angel
    • Brackern ( Race)
    • Half-Dragon
    • Marai ( Race)
    • Murdle (Mur'gul + Yordle) ( Race)
    • Minotaur
    • Troll
      • Rughosk Troll (Old Race)
      • Freljord Troll (New Race)
    • Undead
      • Specter/Ghost
      • Corpse/Ghoul/Zombie
      • Skeleton
    • Ursine ( Race)
    • Voidborn (can you describe what you look) (Should I remove this?)
    • Yordle
    • Robot
    • Cyborg
    • Human (Would anyone still pick this?)
      • Normal Human
      • Hybrid Human
      • Void-Transfigured Human
    • Celestial
    • Fae
    • Ascendant (What Animal?)
    • Iceborn
    • Sentient Animal
    • Sentient Bio-Engineered Lifeform

    Here's the factions:

    • Demacia
    • Noxus
      • The Black Rose
    • The Grey Order ( clan of "neutral…
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  • Jao and jom

    When an offensive ability is cast near Shaera, she gains Chaos, basic attacks will give her Chaos, and each tick of damage will give her . If she doesn't gain Chaos after 6 seconds, she starts to lose Chaos per second.

    }} | }}

    Shaera projects a Void force, dealing magic damage to the first enemy it hits. The enemy then takes damage every second for 3 seconds.

    |leveling = AP)}}


    |range = 800 |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = Chaos }}

    Shaera releases an energy pulse, pushing back all enemies for 1.2 seconds except for Dementia's target. The ability will not displace enemies again within 6 seconds of being hit by it.

    |leveling = Scales in rank with Discord Incarnate


    |range = 570 |cooldown = 4 |cost = |costtype = Chaos }} | }}

    Shaera c…

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  • Jao and jom

    Champion Pairings

    September 16, 2014 by Jao and jom

    So I've recently been reading "The Ordinary Life of Zed & Syndra", and the story so far has been amusing me. Then it lead mo to think, "What champions would be nice to pair up?"

    Now I know that there are official champion couples already, but that's not the only one I'm referring to. I want to know from you guys which champion pair-ups/relationships are the best for you in:

    1. Ability Synergy (In-Game)
    2. Official Lore (Lovers, Friends, Rivals)
    3. Personal Preference (Pls explain why)

    I'll start,

    1. Orianna and Xerath (Wombo Combo Ult!!!)

    2. Jinx and Ziggs

    3. Lissandra and LeBlanc (an alliance between the two greatest deceivers)

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  • Jao and jom

    These aren't official, just some lore stuff I wanted to connect alter :P

    Do any of you guys know what the Grey Order is? If you don't know, pls refer to Annie's Lore.

    I won't go into much detail since I'm bad at making stories (or lying at least) so I'll just summurize it (as if I know how).

    • Evelynn was the ancient moon avatar (the one in the mural in Diana's sneakpeak)
      • Before being killed she used her life to teleport everyone somewhere near Noxus.
      • Her body was thrown to the sea and drifted to the Shadow Isles.
        • Her soul made a deal with a demon, that she be revived and be given more power to avenge her tribe. The demon took her memories in exchange.
    • The Grey Order are descendants of the Lunari that came to Noxus after their exile and renamed themselv…
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