These aren't official, just some lore stuff I wanted to connect alter :P

Do any of you guys know what the Grey Order is? If you don't know, pls refer to Annie's Lore.

I won't go into much detail since I'm bad at making stories (or lying at least) so I'll just summurize it (as if I know how).

  • Evelynn was the ancient moon avatar (the one in the mural in Diana's sneakpeak)
    • Before being killed she used her life to teleport everyone somewhere near Noxus.
    • Her body was thrown to the sea and drifted to the Shadow Isles.
      • Her soul made a deal with a demon, that she be revived and be given more power to avenge her tribe. The demon took her memories in exchange.
  • The Grey Order are descendants of the Lunari that came to Noxus after their exile and renamed themselves into that.
    • Annie's mother, Amoline, is the Eldress. Her father is a noxian nobility.
    • Their Lunar Magic got mixed with Noxian Magic.
    • They continued the trading with the Marai. This now happens every 1000 years instead of a 100.
      • Abyssal Pearl grants abundance (fertile soil, etc.).

I'll skip to how Diana got into the Solari

  • The Solari began their hunt for the Moon's chosen, evelynn's descendants.
    • After many years, they find her/him near the coastline, with a baby. The descendant was killed but not the baby.
    • The Sun's chosen was assassinated, (guess EvelynnSquare who) before she could decide what to do with the baby.
    • The elders decided to spare the child and instead raise it as one of them.

That's about it. If you need clarification please comment below. Also, criticism is appreciated (but please do it in a nicer way). I might expand on this later... '~'