Passive-Carnivorous Tongue (Innate)

Every 5 attacks that Camaileon does he will heal himself for 25 + 15 per level.

Q Ability-Sticky Lick

Camaileon spits on his hands making his attacks to do bonus attack damage and apply a slow that stacks.

The slow stacks 3 times.

Attack Damage Bonus:30/40/50/60/70

Slow per stack:7/7/8/8/9 %

W Ability-Sneaky Camouflage After activating the ability Camaileon stealth with a delay of 1.50 seconds(The delay can go to up 2.5 seconds if he is attacked). Camaileon becomes stealthed for 10/20/30/40/50 seconds. If Camaileon attacks a enemy unit during this stealth his attack will do bonus damage based on his Attack Damage.

Bonus damage: 70/110/150/190/230 (+0.55)

E Ability-Rage Licker

Passive:Camaileon gains bonus Attack Speed.

Active:Camaileon spits a sticky slime to his opponent eyes blinding him.

Bonus Attack Speed:


Activation Damage:

80/130/190/220/260 (+0.8) (stacks with AP)

Snare duration: 1.75/2/2/2.5/2.5 seconds

Ultimate-Instant Adaptation

Camaileon instantly fades in the shadows remaining stealth for 5/9/13seconds. During this stealth Camaileon gains bonus movement speed.His next ability during this stealth will have a bonus effect.

Q ability Bonus Effect-Will give bonus damage.

W ability Bonus Effect-The next basic attack during the stealth will do 150% damage of the bonus damage.

E ability Bonus Effect-Will stun for 2 seconds instead of blinding

Bonus Movement Speed: 45% in all levels

Q Bonus Damage:100/180/260 (+0.5)

This is the first champion i made so pliz do constructive feedback

I wanted to make a good alternative to eve and twitch since they are not very useful.

If u think if he is OP or Underpowered or something else just comment and do some suggestions

Ty all :)