• Jelum727

    Hey guyz! :D

    This is my very first time to use this.. ahm.. page? err.. this.. yeah, this thing.. -_-" I dunno what exact term should be used to describe it, ahm, but.. ah, just seat there and be comfortable with your own.. Please feel free to tell me comments on such ideas that aren't on your type err.. AHH!! Let's just start this..

    I'm a LOL player just like everyone maybe, that is here reading my article. Most of my friends are fond of playing this game so I wanna make some of our ideas a better shine to the internet by this.. mehehe. We are just normal players like you guyz so please, like a said, feel free to comment and suggest some improvements to our ideas.. ^_^

    Let me introduce to you one of our conference if you may.. haha, a champiā€¦

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