I have a concept idea for a high skill cap champion. I will use a sandbox to work it out:

Q: Sharp SpliceEdit

Similar to ThreshSquare Thresh's Death Sentence Death Sentence he will throw an line slowing the target 60% for 0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9/1 second. Than similar to LeBlancSquare LeBlanc's Ethereal Chains Ethereal Chains the leash remains on the target until the target reach an distance higher than 1100 units. Sharp Splice can be used on terrain. And can be used up too 3 times before going into cooldown. You can cast this ability when moving.

W: HaulEdit

In order to use Haul you have add least one leash on terrain or on an target. During the travel time. Haul can always be interrupted:

Unit Default Jens Ingels LoL-Chain-Concept-Part-1
  • One Leash on an unit: Pulls yourself near the unit
  • Two leashes on an unit: Pulls the unit to you
  • 3 leashed on an unit: Thrown the unit over you
Tether Jens Ingels LoL-Chain-Concept-Part-2
  • 1 leash on an unit, one an an champion: Cast 1: Create an tether similar to Thresh's chain. Cast 2: Pull you too the shortest end of the lane (so near or away from the champion). If the shortest end in on the terrain the champion will be pulled an bit too you depending the the length of the terrain leash. If you break the cast that the champion will be pull an bit where his longest leash was landed.
Elastic Jens Ingels LoL-Chain-Concept-Part-3
Other (Terain)
  • One Leash on an terrain: Pulls yourself near the terrain.
  • 2 Leach on the same terrain spot: Pulls yourself up too the terrain.
  • 3 Leach on the same terrain spot: Pulls yourself over the terrain spot.
  • 2 Leach on an different terrain spot: It now all depends on the angle. The champion will pull him to the shortest Leach. If you interrupt the Leach the champion will be pull an bit back to the largest Leach.

E: Stream Flux/Steal FluxEdit

  • Stream Flux: Leash targets will take magic damage over time. You can now use your Q through walls like Thresh's Q.
  • Steal Flux: Leash target will get their hp drained over time. You wouldn't be able to land your Q through walls.

R: ???Edit

You will spin around similar like Wukong's ult taking all leashed targets with you in the spin. Than you can click on an area to smash all targets down like Syndra's W. During this time the effect from your E will be doubled.