After analyzing the current state of the league of legends item pages. I come to the conclusion the existing concept and structure of the system that league of legends wikia currently is using is extreemly outdated. The current design just doesn't fit it's use anymore. And the applications towards other tool/pages are currently nonexistent.

The problems

I will try to list out the problems as good as possible:

The mobile support

Have a look to this The Brutalizer and switch it to the wikiamobile skin.

The first thing whe see is that all elements just are outlined really poorly. The "Recipe" section is probaly one of the best examples of this. An lot of these problems can be solved by using a complex table to make the design inline with the structure.

Than whe have the List of Items section that currently only grants increased loading time to the actual content. It's nice to have it on pc. That's why I think it would be in the wikia intressting to make it a load function rather than attempting to fit the design.

Hint: Did you now you can use collapsible content in mobile by using a mediawikia page?:

<summary>Click to open</summary>
<p>If your browser supports this element, it should allow you to expand and collapse these details.</p>

The displayed content

Currently the page displays only a small amount of the information that is available from the API. Information like creation date non-existent in the infobox and can't directly be accessed by the player.

Acces Content

The system currently still promotes an untagged system what makes it really difficult to acces this information directly by tag or jquery requests. Additionaly the information is still added on the page itself rather than an datapage. A system that whe already use for champions.

Overal their is no structure inside of it. Even if you would regex a complex call to make the information available on other locations of the wikia. The unexistance structure and tags will still entirely make it a mess what makes it a lot easyer to just call the API.

One of the new systems that are currently start to move up is the localStorage system. A system where the system imports the API to your localStorage (browser cache) in order to make the acces directly accesible without any delay.