1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 580 (+86) Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. 7.38 (+0.46) Attack speed 0.810 (+2.5%)
Mana 360 (+40) Armor 21.4 (+3.2)
Mana regen. 7.6 (+0.52) Magic resist. 30 (+1.4)
Attack range 126 Mov. speed N/A

Zono, the Thundery Ninja is a custom template champion in League of Legends.


Katana Attack
MCLucky Sandwich P

Zono's basic attack against the some enemies in the close range with his Shiny Katana. Shiny Katana apply something on-hit or on-crit; ex: crits deals bonus physical damage.

Lightning Slicer
RANGE: 420
COST: 56 mana
MCLucky Sandwich Q

Active: Zono's Lightning Slicer can attack against the enemies. When an enemy is on the run, chase after them and press Q to deliver a swift and devastating piercing attack.

Rushing Blade
RANGE: 125
COST: 60 mana
MCLucky Sandwich W

Toggle - On: Zono's Rushing Blade can attack against the enemies. It deals several strikes and can whittle down the most resilient foe.

 Thunder Hurricane
RANGE: 570
COST: 76 mana
MCLucky Sandwich E

Active: Zono creates a Thunder Hurricane with a slash of his Shiny Katana. If the enemy touched the small hurricane, then the hurricane turns big to damage the enemies for 3 seconds.

Lightning Blaze
RANGE: 360-radius
COST: 110 mana
MCLucky Template

Active: Zono summons the vortex cloud to cast Lightning Blaze on the enemies. It strikes the enemies 5 times.

Theoretical Item BuildEdit

Summoner's Rift
Starting Meki Pendant item Health Potion item
Essential Yordle Stompers item Heart of Gold item Ionic Spark item
Offensive Wicked Hatchet item Breathstealer item Oracle's Hood item Moonflair Spellblade item
Defensive Force of Nature item Zhonya's Ring item Soul Shroud item Cloak and Dagger item
Consumables Bag of Tea item Elixir of Agility item Blue Pill item


Zono is a Yordle boy, and his sister Wanda the Yordle nurse who work at the Yordle Hospital. Suddenly, Zono wants to training to become a Thundery Ninja, he discovers the sacred blade called the Shiny Katana out the stone.

Zono goes to the Voodoo Lands, he meets the Justice of the Magician Yordle girl named Mimia as the childhood friendship, Mimia and her friend Zono are feeling happy after playing in the Voodoo Lands.

Annie, Amumu, Lulu, Veigar, Poppy, Galio, Teemo, Tristana and Heimerdinger were become an ally to Mimia and Zono, it makes his friend Mimia happy when she was a justice. Zono learns the power of the Cyclone and Thunder magic after he learned the magical attack.

Zono helps Mimia to battle against her enemies named Fiddlesticks and his friends named Shaco and Nocturne for harming the mother nature of The Glades and Voodoo Lands. Also Zono and his allies were ordered to protect the mother nature for our future by Mimia.

"Ask me if you need some help, Mimia." Zono said to Mimia after she defeated Fiddlesticks, Shaco and Nocturne for victory.

Zono and his friend Mimia, and her allies will bring peace together to all the people and the mother nature. Zono was hugged by Mimia, they claps their hands to Mimia and Zono.



    Thank you for picked me.


Starting a Game

    Thundery Ninja is here!
    I'm coming for battle.


    I am ready!
    Run for life!
    Go! Go! Go!
    Traveling time!
    Yoo-hoo! Where are you?


    Time to bust down.
    Come on! Come on!
    Hey you!
    Go ahead and fight with me.
    Are you weak to beat me?

Using Lightning Slicer

    Piercing time!
    Feel the power of slice.

Using Rushing Blade

    It's rush hour!
    Full speed!

Using Thunder Hurricane

    Twisties time!
    Wow, are you shocked?
    Take that!

Using Lightning Blaze

    Tactical nuke incoming!
    Thundercats! HOAL!


    Do I look like a Super Ninja?
    I'm cool like the Supah Ninjas.
    I like Supah Ninjas, what kind of series you like?


    Time to K.O!
    Zono will win!
    Are you strong enought to beat me?

Taunting an Allied Mimia

    You can count on me.
    Better be the justice.

Taunting an Allied Amumu

    Don't be so sad, I will be nice to you.

Taunting an Allied Annie

    Remember to protect your pet Tibbers.

Taunting an Allied Veigar

    Please be have a good plan to win this war.

Taunting an Allied Lulu

    Plan to fight against the enemies.

Taunting an Allied Galio

    Allow me to help you, do I?

Taunting an Allied Poppy

    I think your hammer can fix my Shiny Katana.

Taunting an Allied Teemo

    Teemo, I think you can cheer Veigar up.

Taunting an Allied Tristana

    I need backup please!

Taunt near an Enemy Fiddlesticks

    You are a loser!
    You will never win!

Taunt near an Enemy Shaco

    (Laughs) You are much like the Killer Clown!
    You worse than Ronald McDonald's.

Taunt near an Enemy Nocturne

    Beaten by the Ghostbuster Ninja!
    You're looks like the Paranormal Activity.

Taunt near an Enemy Nautilus

    Don't be so rude okay?
    I know you care about your sailors, are you?

Upon Killing a Champion

    K! O!
    Zono wins!
    Yay! I won!

Killing an Enemy Fiddlesticks

    Don't you dare trying to attack me!
    You better give up!

Killing an Enemy Shaco

    Goodbye, clown shoes!
    I'm better than you! (laughs)

Killing an Enemy Nocturne

    Ghost Adventure's case was closed.
    Moon Man says come on make it Mac Tonight!

Killing an Enemy Nautilus

    Sorry about that.
    Goodbye, cursed human!


    Oh no...I lost...
    You are...going...to pay...


    It's back!
    Revenge time!

"God-Knight Zono"

Starting a game with Light element

    Henshin completed!


    Get ready!
    Here comes the God-Knight!


    Yeah! Eat it!
    Eat this!
    Feel the power of my Holy Masamune


    I am the one who protect the Solar System
    I am the one who tried to defeat those evil Noxian, Voids and the others

Taunting an Allied God-Assassin Kennen

    Let's do this, shall we?
    Remember Kennen, may the elements be with us.

Taunting an Allied God-Wizard Veigar

    If you want to revenge on Noxus, then we must be pro.
    Remember Veigar, may the elements be with us.

Taunting an Allied God-Dragoon Fizz

    We must be the elemental heroes.
    Remember Fizz, may the elements be with us.

Taunting an Allied God-Ranger Teemo

    You hunt down those Voids for trophies? Sounds great!
    Remember Teemo, may the elements be with us.

Taunting an Allied Star Guardians

    Me and my teams are more powerful than you, right?

Upon Killing a Champion


Killing an Enemy Swain

    Give it up, Noxian leader!
    You're finished!

Killing an Enemy Rek'Sai

    I am the best!
    I defeated Rek'Sai! Who's next?

Killing an Enemy Malzahar

    I have defeated the evil Void Bringer.
    Bye bye, evil Void Bringer!

Killing an enemy Noxian

    I really hate Noxus!
    I raged over Noxus for good.

Killing an enemy Voidborn

    I really hate the Void!
    I defeated the Void with my elemental counter attack.

Changes element Light

    Back to the light power!

Changes element Fire

    It's blazing time!

Changes element Earth

    Using the earth power!

Changes element Water

    It's time for a splash attack!

Changes element Wind

    Cyclonic attack time!

Upon Death

    I am...defeated...!

Skins & TriviaEdit

Skins & Splash-arts

    Classic Zono
Classic Zono

Classic Zono

    Rooder Prince Zono
    Little Samurai Zono
    Zonohmaru (Samurai Force)
    Sunset Fighter Zono
    God-Knight Zono