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  • I live in Manila, PH
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is Medical Technologist
  • I am Female
  • Jevrhan

    Fiel, The Curse of the Damned

    February 15, 2012 by Jevrhan

    The mystery revolving about the DSS Excursion was laid into a fog of puzzling questions. Who attacked the ship?, What is the cargo ship delivering to Demacia? And where is the Ship itself?

    The Bubbling Bog, a quaking bog near the Serpentine River has held the mystery ever since the ship disappeared. Many who traversed to the bog itself felt little less but the seemingly endless rain, the stare of gloomy trees, the dead - ridden air and sometimes voices of their loved ones, shouting for help like being burned below ground a multitude of times. Many chose to avoid traversing the path of the bog in crossing river but not Fiel Brickhouse, the arrogant but hopeful son of the missing Captain Lionel Brickhouse. He joined the Demacian Navy for one …

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  • Jevrhan

    Dai'ja, The Bride of the Void

    February 14, 2012 by Jevrhan

    The void has been home to many unknown creatures who has walked the land and the league itself, like Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw. It has been hypothesized by some of the greatest minds of Runeterra that maybe, an intelligent being is beyond that seemingly silent space twisted by time and power itself. And that has been proven by the arrival of the so-called "Bride of the Void" named Dai'Ja.

    Dai'Ja appeared without warning. It was just any other moment at the Institute of War until an earthquake shook the entire place. Reports came that the source of the earth's rumbling is at the Shadow Isles. This struck the minds of the entire runeterran citizen; especially those near the fog-stricken bays of the Isles itself. When the Royal Crownguard lead by C…

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