Hey This is Vikram here . I play from Mumbai, India. I have been playing lol since the closed beta had started. i have the free rammus skin :P Well i used to be a dota player before this but when i heard about LOL and that the original makers of Dota had made an entire new client with soo much detail work and amazingly good graphics i need i had to try it . since then i have been hooked on to Lol, One major reason i lol over all the other games like dota or heros of newearth is that RIOT games really cares about there players . When i have had any problem with patching or any other question. its takes them not more than 10 minutes to give u a reply about how to fix it. its just brilliant seeing how much they care about there players.. not only that the people that play Lol are kind people.. I remember in dota and hon people start abusing and verbally irrate u if ur are not a good player or u mess up.. for them its more than just having fun.. in lol even if ur feeding and not playing good people support u give u advice and be kind to u.. Another reason i like LOL is that it has given me a global platform to friends .. since i have started lol i have made alot of good friends who i talk to daily from different parts of the world like taiwan california ,china singapore etc... but the Main reason i like it soo much is becuase me and my brother never used to get along and since we started playing lol we have become really close .For that i am forever greatfull to riot .. and i really apreciate all that they do for me and all the players..

ALRIGHT now for my favorate character first and far most awesome is SORAKA. beacuse soraka is the most amazing hero out there she is soo over scalled and the best support hero of the game. she can heal she can silence she can give u mana and she can globally heal everyone. i love playing her since i am not that good of a player so i feel that i can support my team with everything i got :P

2ND FAVORATE HERO IS ALISTAR .. i love it because he looks like that hunky person who can smash the ground and push u around .. well i also love playing it cause my brother picks up jax or vanya and we own the corridor hard :P

OVER ALL I really love the game and i am still going to be a lol fan.. dota 2 wont be any competiton to u guys :P forr damaciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P