• Jk44

    People these days in ranked

    April 17, 2013 by Jk44

    Some people playing ranked these days have NO IDEA how to work with other people.

    Too many times my teammates are raging at each other (often not me) and I get stuck playing peacekeeper.  It starts in champion select, and I can't afford to dodge all the time.  And my game suffers because I'm trying to calm down a couple idiots, who care more about flaming than winning.  I just can't deal with any more f***tards.  This kind of thing pisses me off.

    How do I get away from them?  I can't carry anything because I'm not in the proper place to do so and they just feed and rage.  And the "get better" argument--I've heard it a million f***ing times, and it doesn't seem to do me any damn good.  Uninstall?  Every once in a while I get a team that actua…

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