Some people playing ranked these days have NO IDEA how to work with other people.

Too many times my teammates are raging at each other (often not me) and I get stuck playing peacekeeper.  It starts in champion select, and I can't afford to dodge all the time.  And my game suffers because I'm trying to calm down a couple idiots, who care more about flaming than winning.  I just can't deal with any more f***tards.  This kind of thing pisses me off.

How do I get away from them?  I can't carry anything because I'm not in the proper place to do so and they just feed and rage.  And the "get better" argument--I've heard it a million f***ing times, and it doesn't seem to do me any damn good.  Uninstall?  Every once in a while I get a team that actually cares about the game and is respectful; those keep me on, and I enjoy playing with them.

I'm what some retards would call a noob, but I wouldn't use that label for myself.  The term noob, imo, doesn't apply to players low in skill; it applies to players with a terrible attitude and a huge ego.

Lack of skill can be fixed.  This kind of attitude should be able to, but by the time I'm done, the pixellated scars from these c***s*****s go right into my mind and make me type sh** that I have to bleep out later.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.

If you have any stories like this to share, recommendations, thoughts, etc., I welcome your input.  If the language offends you, I did what I could with the censorship.  I'm sorry I couldn't conjure a better vocabulary in the time I wrote this vent.

And yes, I do get pissed off easily.

EDIT: When I wrote this, I was at breaking point.  I was just f***ing done.