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    Jane, the Shapeshifter Goddess is a custom champion in League of Legends.


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  • Jmalforte

    Passive : Shapeshifter

    She deals additional magic damage on her basic attacks based on her ability power.

    Everytime she uses one her Shapeshift abilities she gains bonus attack speed for a short duration of time.

    She gains doubled bonus attackspeed when she uses her final form.

    Q. Shapeshift: Harpy (Toggle)

    On her 5th autoattack, she deals a minor knockback on her enemy, on her 10th autoattack she deals AOE magic damage and tosses her target to the air.

    W. Shapeshift: Siren (Toggle)

    Every 5th autoattack heals her for a percentage of her AP, on her 10th autoattack she deals AOE magic damage and steals huge amount of Mana from her target.

    E. Shapeshift: Wolf (Toggle)

    On her 5th autoattack, she mauls her target. Lowering their armor and magic resistan…

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